Interview: Martha Plimpton Raising (Emmy) Hope

Martha Plimpton as Virginia Change on Raising Hope (FOX)

Martha Plimpton as Virginia Change on Raising Hope (FOX)

Young Martha Plimpton – that quirky, yet captivating teenager from “Goonies” and “Parenthood” – might never have imagined she’d earn an Emmy nomination at age 40. For playing a grandma!

“Everything happens when it’s supposed to happen,” the actress says. “I don’t think I would be having this much fun if I hadn’t gained some confidence from doing other things in my life. I also wouldn’t have found this awesome character. I think things have panned out pretty well. ”

Indeed. Plimpton scored the nod (Best Lead Actress In A Comedy) for her role as house cleaner Virginia Chance on the freshman FOX comedy “Raising Hope.”

“The character had her son at 15, so the math was right,” she tells XFinityTV. “It is not like they were asking me to play an old person. So I don’t know why everyone thinks it’s so weird. I guess it is the word grandma. But there are a lot of 40 year-old grandmas out there!”

Watch Highlights From Season 1 Of “Raising Hope”:

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Congrats on the nomination. Are you still the same Martha – or has it changed you?
Not terribly. I am a little more frazzled. But I am pretty much the same chick. I have demanded a diamond yacht in my contract for next season (laughs).

What can you tell us about the new season?
I have read a few of the treatments already and they are pretty hysterical. We have got some awesome flashback stuff and we’ve got Amy Sedaris coming back for an episode. The writers have been working extremely hard over the break.

Any other guest stars?
Yeah, this kid Grayson Chance. He’s the one that sings Lady Gaga. He is going to come and play young Jimmy.

Where do you hope to see Virginia go as the show progresses?
I am so enjoying figuring out who she is now, and I trust the writers implicitly. I don’t need for her to suddenly become a great slalom skier or something. I like the stories that we are working on that are developing the relationships within the family. I love the relationship between Virginia and Bert and between Virginia and Maw Maw. The comedy that is in those relationships is so fun.

Do you have a favorite episode?
I have a lot of favorite episodes. But I think the hoarders episode is really funny. I loved the Christmas episode. And I loved the pilot. I think for my money, I think our pilot is one of the best first episodes of a TV show ever. Very often you get a pilot that doesn’t bear any resemblance to the TV show that ends up growing out of the pilot. But I feel like we started really strong with ours.

What do you watch besides “Raising Hope”?
I don’t watch stuff on TV as much, but I recently downloaded all the episodes of “Downton Abbey,” which I enjoy a lot. It was good cheesy, English fun. I love “30 Rock.” I just think it is really smart and really funny. It is really creative and has a lot of the same qualities I like about “Raising Hope.”

Anything you haven’t seen that you want to?
I haven’t seen “Justified” and I really want to watch that. It has some of my favorite actors on it. And I want to see “Walking Dead.”

What about reality shows?
I don’t really like reality shows that much. But I love “Wipeout.” I think that is hilarious. That to me is appointment television. But I wish they would do less food throwing, because it kind of ends up grossing me out. But I love watching people get thrown up against large rubber walls. I think “Wipeout” is a genius show. It makes me laugh really hard.

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