Nancy Grace Becomes Emotional in Piers Morgan Interview



Firebrand legal eagle Nancy Grace became emotional when CNN’s Piers Morgan pressed her to talk about the murder of her fiancé 30 years ago that resulted in her pursuing a career as a crusading prosecutor.

The HLN talk show host, who has made a crusade of her belief that infamous murder-trial defendant Casey Anthony was guilty of murdering her two-year-old daughter, revealed details on “Piers Morgan Tonight” on Monday about the murder in her own past. Though she mentions the murder often in interviews as the reason she took up a legal career, she says she doesn’t usually lay out the details of how her fiancé was shot five times by a disgruntled former employee who mistook him for someone else.

Watch Grace Get Emotional (At 49:05) In The Interview Below:


“When you remember your feelings at the time, did it drive you on to finding justice for others?” Morgan asked her, according to a transcript posted on “Was it as simple as that?”

“You know, Piers, it’s so complicated. I actually very rarely discuss it, other than alluding to it briefly if I’m asked questions about it,” she said. “You know, Piers, people always talk about closure. And they throw that around as far as Cindy and George Anthony [Casey Anthony’s parents] now. They have closure. It’s all over. [But] there is no closure. It’s like breaking your arm and you never get it set.”

HLN Scores With Anthony Verdict, Thanks to Nancy Grace

She’s also still upset over Anthony’s acquittal. In her interview with Morgan – conducted on the evening of the same day that Anthony was released from jail and whisked to an unknown location – she reiterated her “disappointment” with the verdict.

“Well, I felt a huge disappointment” when watching the coverage of Anthony’s release, Grace said. “And then there is one shot of her where she has this kind of an eerie grin once she gets into the car. And it – it really just gives you a chill. What I’d really like to know, Piers, is who foot the bill for that private jet that picked her up at Orlando Executive Airport, and we think deposited her somewhere in California? That’s what I’d like to know!”

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