‘Jersey Shore’ Gals Bring the House Down on ‘Nail Files’

Snooki holds up foot in Nail Files (TV Guide)

Snooki holds up foot in Nail Files (TV Guide)

Now that they’re not rooting out each other’s weaves, the “Jersey Shore” gals made a surprise visit together on TV Guide’s “Nail Files” Tuesday night to enjoy an afternoon of full-service manis and pedis, along with some mandatory lewd convo to let the good times roll.

“Snooki to me is adorable!” owner Katie Cazorla exclaimed. “She’s like a tiny little munchkin you want to put in your pocket.”

That tiny little munchkin was enjoying herself thoroughly, especially when getting a flavored foot mask. “Wait, you eat it?” she asked in all seriousness. Edible or not, Deena sought out a quick lick of Sammi’s foot and took some tiny swipes from Snooki’s.

Once the Orange Minion realized the yummy masks weren’t really for oral use, she immediately inquired on the next best thing: “What if you put it in your kooka?”

Kooka or not to kooka, Snooki went on to reassure all the ladies that, if all else fails, there’s always the old standby of popping in a Jolly Rancher.

We wonder how Dr. Ruth feels about that one.


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