Steve Carell Jokes About ‘The Office,’ Says He’ll Miss It

Steve Carell on "The Office" (Photo: NBC)

How does Steve Carell feel now about “The Office”?

“Screw that show!” he declared Tuesday night on David Letterman’s “Late Show” on CBS. Carell was obviously joking, though, because in one of the interview’s serious moments, he had just said that he’ll miss going back to work on a new season of “The Office” next month.

“You sort of feel like, wow, everybody else is going back to school and I’ve graduated and it feels a little bit odd,” he told Dave. “I’m going to miss my friends – that’s the main thing.”

“But weren’t you tired of carrying that dog?” Letterman asked mischievously.

“Yes, now that you say that, screw that show! What did that show ever do for me? I have a movie coming out! What could possibly go wrong!” answered Carell, who starred on “The Office” as bumbling regional manager Michael Scott, a role for which he was nominated for an Emmy last week. The movie he’s out promoting is “Crazy, Stupid, Love,” opening on July 29.

Carell also endorsed the casting of James Spader on “The Office,” as a new corporate executive. “I know James Spader is coming in and I think that’s a great move. I think he’s going to be fantastic,” Carell said.

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