Jon Stewart Messes with Steve Carell’s ‘Daily Show’ Return

Theirs was a reunion not to be missed. Steve Carell returned Wednesday night to his former workplace, “The Daily Show,” and his former boss, Jon Stewart, whom he referred to as “Papa Bear.” But those expecting a round of saccharine catch-up following a silly moment of hugs and kisses were treated to something even better – a sharp-tongued Stewart deftly sending up the whole idea of an emotional reunion, and Carell expertly playing along. “Don’t confuse cancellation with failure,” Stewart said, addressing Carell’s exit from the NBC sitcom, “The Office.” “The show didn’t get canceled,” said Carell. “Oh, this is a Charlie Sheen thing?” said a seemingly surprised Stewart, who then switched gears to Carell’s latest movie, “Crazy Stupid Love.” With tongue firmly implanted in his cheek, the “Daily Show” host confided that they’d tried to get Ryan Gossling, but he was unavailable and so, well, they settled on Carell. At that point, Carell wondered why Papa Bear was twisting the warm feelings he brought back to the show. They also talked about a reunion of all the former “Daily Show” correspondents. Take a look for yourself.

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