New On DVD This Week: ‘Torchwood,’ ‘Limitless,’ ‘Top Gear,’ ‘Doctor Who’


The original series “Torchwood” first premiered in the U.S. on BBC America’s Supernatural Saturdays and on CBC followed by “Space” in Canada. This comprehensive anthology of the “Doctor Who” spinoff contains both seasons of the original series along with the epic mini-series event “Torchwood: Children of Earth.” The box set arrives at retail following the premieres of the U.S. based series “Torchwood: Miracle Day,” produced by BBC Worldwide Productions and written by series creator Russell T Davies. The 14-disc DVD and 12-Blu-ray Disc mega sets have over 26 hours of content plus ten hours of bonus material ranging from deleted scenes and outtakes to the popular behind-the-scenes featurettes “Torchwood Delcassified.” Created by Russell T Davies, “Torchwood” follows the mysterious adventures of Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman, “Doctor Who,” “De-Lovely”) and his team of investigators as they use alien technology to delve into the unknown and fight the impossible. At the time of its premiere, “Torchwood: Children of Earth” delivered record ratings for BBC America. The series has garnered a rabid fan following as well as excellent media acclaim. Buy the complete series Blu-ray right here.


An intense and gripping adrenaline rush, “Limitless,” is now available on Blu-ray and DVD with both the theatrical version and an unrated extended cut of the film, an alternate ending, deleted scenes and much more. “Limitless” features an all-star cast including: Bradley Cooper (“The Hangover,” “The A-Team”), Abbie Cornish (“Sucker Punch,” “Bright Star”), and Robert De Niro (“Raging Bull,” “Taxi Driver”). Cooper and two-time Academy-Award winner De Niro star in this provocative and action packed-thriller with unlimited surprising twists. Eddie Morra (Cooper), a burnt-out writer, discovers a top-secret pill that unlocks 100% of his brain’s capacity. He instantly acquires mind-bending talents and mesmerizing visions that bring him big money, beautiful women and limitless success. But his dream life soon becomes a waking nightmare, as the drug’s brutal side effects take their toll and Eddie finds himself entangled with a cunning Wall Street power broker (De Niro) who wants everything Eddie has…and more. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Top Gear

Top Gear: The Complete First Season” contains all 10 episodes and plenty of bonus material on a three-disc set. Produced by BBC Worldwide Productions, the show is chock-full of high-adrenaline action entertainment as it tracks the colorful history of the automobile as well as the eccentric adventures of its hosts with “Top Gear’s” customary wit and humor. In this debut season, the intrepid trio of Ferrara, Foust and Wood take on extreme challenges including a moonshine run along a Prohibition route in the Deep South, teaching a blind man to drift a Nissan 370Z and racing a HALO jumper in a Hennessey VelociRaptor across the Arizona desert. The Stig also appears to set definitive “Power Laps” and the team tests some of the world’s fastest cars including a Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR, a Porsche Panamera Turbo, an Aston Martin V12 Vantage and more. Celebrity guests take the wheel in the “Big Star, Small Car” segment including astronaut Buzz Aldrin, actors Ty Burrell (“Modern Family”) and Dominic Monaghan (“Lost”), musician Bret Michaels and skateboarder Tony Hawk. Buy the Season 1 DVD right here.

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Doctor Who

“Doctor Who” stars BAFTA nominee Matt Smith (“Christopher and His Kind”), Karen Gillan (“We’ll Take Manhattan”), Arthur Darvill (“Little Dorrit,” “Robin Hood”) and Alex Kingston (“Private Practice,” “ER”), who return this season with Part 1 guest stars Mark Sheppard (“Supernatural,” “Battlestar Galactica”), Hugh Bonneville (“Downton Abbey,” “Notting Hill”), supermodel Lily Cole (“The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus”), and Michael Sheen (“The Twilight Saga,” “Midnight in Paris”), who voices a character in Neil Gaiman’s episode. “Doctor Who: Series 6, Part 1,” a two-disc DVD and Blu-ray set, contains the first seven episodes along with two Monster files, “The Gangers” and “The Silence,” two of the Doctor’s most challenging opponents. For the first time ever, the new season of “Doctor Who” premiered in the U.S. and U.K. on the same day. Part 2 airs late summer on BBC America, with a DVD and Blu-ray release following, as well as a complete series gift set loaded with bonus material that will be out just in time for the holidays. Buy the Season 6, Part 1 Blu-ray right here.

Take Me Home Tonight

Experience this generation’s most outrageous comedy with “Take Me Home Tonight,” now available on Blu-ray and DVD. With exciting special features including deleted scenes, music videos and more, re-live all the hilarious hijinks with the party movie of the summer. “Take Me Home Tonight” follows three friends on the verge of adulthood who attend an out-of-control party in celebration of their last night of unbridled youth. Starring Topher Grace (“That 70’s Show,” “Predators”), Anna Faris (“The House Bunny”), Dan Fogler (“Balls of Fury”) and Teresa Palmer (“I Am Number Four”), “Take Me Home Tonight” is a raunchy, romantic, ridiculous and raucous ride set to an awesome soundtrack of timeless rock and hip-hop hits. Buy the DVD right here.


One woman decides to change the world by changing the lives of the people she knows in this charming and romantic comic fantasy from director Jean-Pierre Jeunet. “Amelie” (Audrey Tautou) is a young woman who had a decidedly unusual childhood; misdiagnosed with an unusual heart condition, Amelie didn’t attend school with other children, but spent most of her time in her room, where she developed a keen imagination and an active fantasy life. Her mother Amandine (Lorella Cravotta) died in a freak accident when Amelie was eight, and her father Raphael (Rufus) had limited contact with her, since his presence seemed to throw her heart into high gear. Despite all this, Amelie has grown into a healthy and beautiful young woman who works in a cafe and has a whimsical, romantic nature. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

The Smurfs: A Magical Smurf Adventure

Get your “Smurf” on with this two-disc set of 10 Smurftacular Episodes! In a hidden village dwells a clan of magical creatures, living in mushroom houses and taking showers with dewdrops. They’re those international celebrities known far and wide as the Smurfs – and they’re back on DVD. This itty-bitty powder-blue crew, including Brainy, Lazy, Vanity and Smurfette, is led by the wise, gentle and 542-year-old Papa Smurf. Gargamel, the local evil wizard, is forever scheming against the tiny team but our little friends outsmurf him every time! The Smurfs may only be three apples high, but they left miles of smiles on the faces of Saturday morning cartoon fans from 1981 to 1989. Smurf it up again with this colorful collection of superior Smurftainment! Buy the DVD right here.

Bill Moyers: God & Politics

Taking on the two subjects we are often told to avoid in polite company: politics and religion, the PBS-broadcast series “Bill Moyers: God and Politics” is now available on DVD. From the halls of Congress to missionary work in Central America, private faith is hugely influential on public policy. Emmy and Peabody Award-winning journalist Bill Moyers interviews a variety of Christian leaders in this three-part series and offers an illuminating analysis of the interaction between church and state. Buy the DVD right here.

The Girls Next Door

Behind every great man is a woman, or, in the case of Hugh Hefner, three women – or six. A year of comings and goings at the Playboy Mansion is chronicled in “The Girls Next Door” Season 6 the latest season of the hit E! series about America’s most envied man and the beautiful women who share his heated grotto. From exotic European escapades to sexy and scary camp-outs in the “wilds” of the Playboy Mansion’s backyard, the Season 6 DVD reveals what really goes on in the life of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. These new episodes introduce fans to Hef’s latest trio of beautiful, blonde girlfriends. New “number one” girl Crystal Harris and twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon embark on the exciting adventures available only to Hef’s girlfriends as they indulge in the ultimate Playboy lifestyle. And for those who fell in love with original “Girls Next Door” stars Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson, this release features the hour-long episode “Transitions,” revealing how the dynamic blondes’ tenure at the Mansion ultimately came to a close. Buy the Season 6 DVD right here.

Boyz N The Hood

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is proud to present the award-winning American classic “Boyz N The Hood” on Blu-ray for the first time. In celebration of the film’s 20th anniversary, this powerful and timeless story of the three friends growing up in “the hood” gets the deluxe Blu-ray treatment, featuring stunning new high definition picture and explosive sound. The Special Features include “The Enduring Significance of ‘Boyz N the Hood,’” a look back with the cast and filmmakers at the last 20 years and the impact the film has made. In addition, the Blu-ray will also feature “Friendly Fire: Making Of An Urban Legend,” Commentary with John Singleton, audition footage with Ice Cube, Angela Bassett, Morris Chestnut and Tyra Ferrell, deleted scenes and more! First released in 1991, “Boyz N The Hood” took the nation by storm, earning high praise from critics and boffo box office from moviegoers. The movie marked the directorial debut of award-winning filmmaker John Singleton (“2Fast2Furious,” “Poetic Justice,” “Shaft”) and ignited the acting careers of Ice Cube (“Are We There Yet?,” “Friday”), Oscar-winner Cuba Gooding Jr. (Best Supporting Actor, “Jerry Maguire” 1996), Morris Chestnut (“Ladder 49,” “Two Can Play That Game”), Nia Long (“Big Momma’s House,” “Friday”), Regina King (“Jerry Maguire,” “Ray”), Laurence Fishburne (“The Matrix,” “Mystic River”) and Angela Bassett (“Waiting to Exhale,” “What’s Love Got to Do With It”). Buy the Blu-ray right here.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Vera Farmiga, David Thewlis, and Asa Butterfield star in “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas,” Little Voice writer/director Mark Herman’s adaptation of John Boyne’s novel concerning the forbidden friendship that between an eight-year-old German boy and a Jewish concentration camp prisoner in World War II-era Germany. The innocent son of a high-ranking Nazi commandant, Bruno has been largely shielded from the harsh realities of the war. When Bruno discovers that his father has been promoted and that their family will be moving from Berlin into the countryside, he doesn’t take the news well. Increasingly bored in his sprawling yet dreary country abode and forbidden by his mother from exploring the backyard, young Bruno searches for something to do while his older sister plays with dolls and vies for the attention of handsome Lieutenant Kotler (Rupert Friend). One day, bored and gazing out his bedroom window, Bruno spies what first appears to be a nearby farm; his parents refuse to discuss it, and all of the inhabitants there are curiously clad in striped pajamas. Buy the Blu-ray right here.


Sometimes the alignment of the stars causes monumental events to take place. And sometimes all it takes is a problem alcoholic and a beautiful, sex-starved girl. Whatever the catalyst, “Zonad” is sure to bring earth-shaking laughter. Written and directed by brothers John and Kieran Carney (John created the Oscar-winning sleeper hit “Once”), “Zonad” takes the idea of a mismatched couple to a whole new level. In the small Irish town of Ballymoran, the Cassidy family comes home to find a red leather clad man passed out on their living room floor. They, of course, assume he is an alien visiting Earth. But the “creature” is actually Liam Murphy (Simon Delaney, “Happy Ever Afters,” “EastEnders”), an escapee from an alcohol rehab clinic. Liam goes along with the ruse and passes himself off as an alien named Zonad. Zonad quickly comes to enjoy the life of an E.T.; an instant local celebrity, he gets all the beer he wants, a nice place to live, and the endless attentions of the women of the town. But he’s really only interested in the earthly delight that is Jenny (Janice Byrne, “Whistleblower”), the Cassidy’s pretty teenage daughter – and, as luck would have it, Jenny is dying to experience sex and can’t get her boyfriend to do the deed. Zonad to the rescue! Buy the DVD right here.


Three times the laughs and three times the fun are packed into “iCarly: The I <3 Carly Collection.” Join Carly and her friends as they journey to outer space, prepare for than exhibition match against a teen fighting champion and uncover secret kisses and crushes. This three-disc DVD includes fan favorite episodes and specials from Season 2 and Season 3 of the smash hit. Nickelodeon’s groundbreaking hit live-action series stars Miranda Cosgrove as Carly, the host of an incredibly popular teen web show. Buy the iCarly collection right here.

Brave New Voices 2010

From HBO hip hop impresario Russell Simmons comes “Brave New Voices 2010” – the energetic special about the National Youth Poetry Slam Championships, hosted by Rosario Dawson and rapper Common – releasing to DVD on July 19th. The special follows four talented teams as they compete before a celebrity panel of judges during the Grand Slam Finals. The DVD comes complete with two bonus features: “Reflections on the Finals” featuring commentary from hosts Common and Dawson, the judges and the team and also “Sacrificial Poems” which are never-before-seen footage from some of the major teams. Buy the DVD right here.

Shark Week: Restless Fury

Shark attacks are increasing and “Shark Week: Restless Fury” is now available on DVD. Watch footage of actual shark attacks and the epic rescues that were caught on tape. Both feature bonus features like ‘Sharks: Are They Hunting Us?’ with animal behavior expert David Salmoni; ‘Man Vs. Fish: Tiger Shark;’ and special to Blu-Ray, ‘Man Vs. Fish: Mako Shark.’ Buy the DVD right here.

Bridget Jones’s Diary

Based on Helen Fielding’s hugely popular novel, the romantic comedy “Bridget Jones’s Diary” follows Bridget (Renee Zellweger), a post-feminist, thirty-something British woman who has a penchant for alcoholic binges, smoking, and an inability to control her weight. While trying to keep these things in check and also deal with her job in publishing, she visits her parents for a Christmas party. They try to set her up with Mark (Colin Firth), the visiting son of one of their neighbors. Snubbed by Mark, she instead falls for her boss Daniel (Hugh Grant), a dashing lothario who begins to send her suggestive e-mails that soon lead to a dinner date proposition. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Melrose Place

The highly successful and steamy spin-off of “Beverly Hills 90210” returns to DVD with “Melrose Place: The Sixth Season, Volume Two.” Headlined by an all-star ensemble cast including Heather Locklear, Andrew Shue, Jack Wagner, Lisa Rinna, Kelly Rutherford, Alyssa Milano, David Charvet and Thomas Colabro, the three-disc set includes the last 12 episodes of the sensationally dramatic sixth season about the lives, careers, trials and tribulations of a group of young adults from various backgrounds residing in a trendy Los Angeles apartment complex. Lying, cheating, stealing, seduction, backstabbing, betrayal, murder… it’s just another day and another season at Melrose Place. Buy the Season 6, Volume 2 DVD right here.

Reggie Perrin

Featuring sharp, satirical writing and outstanding supporting casts, the riotous Britcom “Reggie Perrin” is now available on DVD. Produced by the BBC and broadcast in 2011 on public television, this modern re-imagining of the classic British comedy was co-written by the original series creator, David Nobbs, and Simon Nye, the writer behind “Men Behaving Badly.” Award-winning actor Martin Clunes stars as bored, frustrated middle manager who might be losing his mind. Set 1 includes the complete Series 1 and 2 and guest stars Fay Ripley, Geoffrey Whitehead and Wendy Craig among others. Buy the Set 1 DVD right here.

Peep World

A family’s dirty laundry get aired out in public, and not everyone is happy about it in the dark comedy “Peep World” from director Barry W. Blaustein. Nathan (Ben Schwartz) is a writer who has recently published a best-selling novel that’s being made into a major motion picture. Nathan is feeling very good about himself, but his siblings aren’t so happy for him – the book is a very thinly disguised version of his family’s wildly dysfunctional history, and nearly everyone close to him can see themselves in its key characters. Nathan’s older sister, Cheri (Sarah Silverman), a struggling actress, is so outraged that she’s considering taking her brother to court, especially since the film version of the book is being shot outside her apartment and her father’s new (and much younger) girlfriend (Alicia Witt) has been cast in the role patterned after her. Buy the Blu-ray right here.


Nominated for five Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress, ‘Chocolat’ is unforgettable and is now available on Blu-ray for the first time. This timeless romance stars Juliette Binoche, Judi Dench and Johnny Depp. When Vianne (Binoche) arrives into a sleepy, old-fashioned French village and opens a chocolate shop, she sends the townspeople into a flutter with her uniquely gifted treats. Before long the straitlaced villagers find themselves abandoning their reservations and succumbing to their deepest desires. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Go Diego Go

Gorillas, grizzly bears, hippos and more pack the brand new DVD, “Go, Diego, Go!: Fiercest Animal Rescues!,” which includes a never-before-seen double-length adventure. Catch this special before its on-air premiere as Diego saves animals in Africa, Australia and Alaska. Throughout his adventures, Diego receives help from his sister Alicia, animal pals, Rescue Pack, Click the Camera (voiced by Rosie Perez) and the viewers at home. Buy the DVD right here.

House of the Rising Sun

A former crooked cop, Ray (Dave Bautista) sets out to reform his ways and takes on a low-key job at a New Orleans strip club called “House of the Rising Sun.” Unfortunately, trouble quickly finds Ray, when the club is robbed and the owner’s son is shot to death on Halloween night. When is past is exposed, Ray looks to clear his own name and assumes his own criminal search before both the police and the mob close in on him. Buy the DVD right here.


Dumbstruck” focuses on five ventriloquists, who are quirky enough to star in Christopher Guest’s “Best in Show.” But they are real, and their stories are deeply human and universal: Dylan, a shy 13-year-old who dreams of being a professional but whose dad prefers football; Kim, a former Miss Ohio beauty queen, who yearns to ‘make it’ on the cruise ship circuit; Dan, a successful cruise ship performer whose wife may divorce him when he comes ashore; Terry, who, after 22 years of struggle in Corsicana, Texas, finds himself on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” with a chance to win $1 million; and Wilma – all six-foot-five of her – who brings her dummies to Walmart and ‘entertains’ in senior homes. With its heart firmly planted on its polyester sleeve, “Dumbstruck” takes the American dream sideways and never loses its way. Buy the DVD right here.

News & Notes

The off-screen craziness rivals the on-screen drama in the sidesplitting comedy “Soapdish,” celebrating its 20th anniversary on DVD October 4, 2011. Boasting an extraordinary cast of stars including Robert Downey Jr., Sally Field, Kevin Kline, Whoopi Goldberg, Elisabeth Shue, Teri Hatcher, Garry Marshall, Cathy Moriarty and Kathy Najimy, the hilarious comedy follows the outrageous high jinks of the cast and crew of America’s hottest soap opera, “The Sun Also Sets.”

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