‘RHONY’ Reunion: Cindy Blows Up at Sonja

'RHONYC' Reunion: Sonja Morgan (Photo: Bravo)

'RHONYC' Reunion: Sonja Morgan (Photo: Bravo)

With all the cray cray exploding from this season’s “Real Housewives of New York City,” time has zoomed by faster than Ramona downing a glass of Pinot in a stressful situation.

But for those who’ll miss the insanity, don’t you worry about a thing: From the sneak peek of the two-part reunion, the ladies provide more electric menopausal madness that’ll last a lifetime!

In the clip provided by People, the battle between the blondes and brunettes erupt when host Andy Cohen broaches the subject of Cindy taking a business conference call amid a breakfast date with Sonja. Interestingly, Cindy ends up being the one who goes bonkers, while Sonja keeps things comparatively icy cool on the couch.

“I was cooking for her,” states Sonja defensively, right after jabbing that her frenemy was trying to promote her business on camera.

Of course, the Bankruptcy Queen’s mean-spirited comment doesn’t sit well with the Downtown Gal, and she ends up shooting up from her seat and pointing her finger at the blonde.

“Once again, Sonja, I don’t hang around here to have you teach me,” Cindy says moments later. “The last person I would ever have etiquette [lessons] from is you with your butt hanging out [and] your boob hanging out.”

When Kelly jumps into the cacophony of deafening screams and claims — with a sense of self-righteous exhaustion — that she’s always “gotta be the peacemaker,” referee/host Andy Cohen ultimately dishes it to her straight by telling her, “You’re not.”

SPECIAL NOTE: Part One of the “Real Housewives of NYC” Reunion airs MONDAY, July 25 at 10 p.m./EST. Part Deux airs MONDAY, August 1 at 10 p.m./EST.

The Season 4 Finale airs TONIGHT at 10 p.m./EST on Bravo. Watch a Preview Below–Is Ramona PREGNANT?!?:

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