Roseanne Barr Goes Nuts On TV Talk Show Tour

Roseanne Barr (Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

Roseanne Barr (Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

Roseanne Barr wants to fire the government, run for president, legalize pot and solve world hunger — with macadamia nuts!

The whacked-out, loud-mouthed former sitcom queen has been sounding nuttier than ever as she’s worked her way up and down the TV dial this week promoting her new Lifetime series “Roseanne’s Nuts.”

The show – which Slate called the “second worst” on television – follows Rosie and her real life family as they live and work at a Hawaiian macadamia nut farm.

“A nut farm is the perfect place for me,” the mid-western housewife-turned-comic admitted during a stop on “Chelsey Lately.”

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“I am so in love with macadamia nuts. I believe that they can save the world.  They are perfect protein.  They have very little carbohydrate.  They have the right kind of fat that helps the human brain think.  They lower your cholesterol.

“So if people would get their protein from nuts rather than beef, there would be no global warming and we would have enough grain to feed all the starving people on earth.”

Uh, Ok…

Here’s a few more of Rosanne’s memorable quotes from the Rosie Goes Nuts Talk Show Tour:

* “When I first got famous, I kinda lost my mind – like Charlie Sheen. But I am way saner now.  Now that I got the medicinal marijuana.”  — “Chelsey Lately”

* “I used to have a girl crush on Nancy Grace.  I still like her, but she’s getting old.”  — “The Talk”

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* “Which came first: the carrot or the carrot seed?  I don’t know.  But I think about it a lot.” — “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

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*”I am so happy to see Rupert Murdoch’s stuff crumbling.  When he came to our country, I was one of his first targets.  He tapped my phones and people went through my garbage.  All that kind of stuff does kind of drive you crazy.  Now here I am sitting here and that guy is going down!” – “Chelsea Lateley”

* “I drank a lot of wine’ and tried to figure out how the solutions should be.  I have a whole new government in mind.  I like to junk this whole government because it is broken.  It sucks. Doesn’t work (on) both sides… I would like to legalize marijuana and I would like to forgive all student loans, too.” — “The View”

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Barr recently released a book titled Roseannearchy: Dispatches from the Nut Farm and says she hopes to organize a reunion of her popular 1990s sitcom.

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