Sarah Brown Joins ‘Days’, Stuart Damon Returns to ‘General Hospital’

Sarah Brown Joins The Cast of Days of Our Lives

The new and improved “Days of Our Lives” will include three time Daytime Emmy winner Sarah Brown. Soap Opera Digest broke the news that the actress will be joining the show’s cast. According to Entertainment Weekly, “she’ll play Madison James, a powerful CEO who takes on Sami (Alison Sweeney) as a protege. She also sets her sights on Brady (Eric Martsolf) and goes head-to-head with Kate (Lauren Koslow).” This is exciting news because it means that Sami is going to get a job! In fact, seeing any characters who are not police officers or doctors at work will be a refreshing change.

Brown is best known as “General Hospital’s” original Carly. She also played Julia on “As the World Turns,” before returning to GH to play another character, Claudia. She most recently played Aggie on “The Bold & the Beautiful,” a meek character that did not play to the intense, fiery Brown’s strengths as an actress. Based on the character’s description, Madison seems like a great role for Brown. The actress told EW, “I’m excited to join such a talented cast to portray such a strong yet feminine character that will inspire our female viewers.”

Stuart Damon Returns to General Hospital

Quartermania is coming to “General Hospital.” Last week, Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson) had some meaty scenes. Now Soaps In Depth is reporting that Stuart Damon is reprising his role as Monica’s husband Alan. Alan was a casualty of the Metro Court hostage crisis of 2007. He returned to the show as a wise-cracking, track suit wearing figment of his sister Tracy’s imagination/ghost that only she could see. (The show always left it ambiguous.) This time the show is not releasing any details about the circumstances surrounding his appearance. Alan’s episodes will begin airing in the later summer. New head writer Garin Wolf teased that some beloved former characters would return. For years, fans have clamored for the return of the Quartermaines to the front burner. It appears that Wolf is listening.

At Last: Todd Versus Todd

The two Todds finally came face-to-face on “One Life to Live.” I have been waiting for this showdown for months. After watching a full day of Roger Howarth and Trevor St. John going toe-to-toe, I am marvelously confused. Ever since this story began, St. John has been playing Todd a little bit off. Tomas (Ted King), who share RHTodd’s connection to the CIA, was blackmailing him. I was convinced that he was the impostor. But St. John played him as so genuinely baffled as to RHTodd’s identity, and so very, very Todd that I began to question myself. RHTodd seemed equally 100 percent pure Todd. As he accused TSJTodd of stealing his identity, I believed him. Both actors appeared to be having the time of their lives attempting to out-Todd each other.

TSJTodd: No. I’ve always been Todd Manning. I’ve never not been Todd Manning, even when I didn’t want to be. That’s who I am.

RHTodd: Ok, um… let me ask you this, then. If you’re Todd Manning, how come I have his face? How come I have his real face?

[iframe 580 476]

The episode ended with RHTodd leading TSJTodd at gunpoint back to Todd’s house where the entire Manning family had gathered. It better not be a fake out. I am dying to see how Todd’s wives and children react to two seeing the two faces of Todd in the same room.

Erica Kane: The Epic Montage

Erica Kane fans were gifted with a special treat on Monday. “All My Children” concluded its episode with a lengthy montage of the character’s greatest moments, dating back to Erica’s teen years in the 1970s. It also included her weddings to long gone characters like Travis (Larkin Malloy), and Tom (Richard Shoberg) as well as scenes with Erica and her mother, Mona (Frances Heflin) and friend/surrogate mother Myrtle (Eileen Herlie). It was a wonderful love letter to both the fans and Susan Lucci. If you were ever a fan of AMC, you owe it to yourself to watch.

[iframe 580 476]

Speaking of AMC, head writer Lorraine Broderick is a miracle worker. She inherited a lot of dud story lines from her predecessors and has turned them into plot lines that are both compelling and fun. Joy and mirth have returned to Pine Valley. I wish Erica never acquired a doppelganger, but playing it for comedy has made it worthwhile. Jane’s obsessive lust for David because he saved her from being the Sixty-Year-Old Virgin is hilarious. Broderick also knows how to structure great episodes. Ending Tuesday’s episode with Griffin (Jordi Vilasuso) phoning Maria (Eva LaRue) for information about David (Vincent Irizarry) was a great twist and logical. They are both doctors. It’s plausible that he would have heard about Maria and her relationship with David.

While watching Dr. Dave tend to the semi-conscious presumed dead Dixie (Cady McClain), I concocted a bizarre, tongue-in-cheek speculation. Dixie died rather definitively on-camera. Two other presumed dead characters, Leo (Josh Duhamel) and Babe (Alexa Havins), will also be returning to the show prior to its ABC finale. They are, respectively, David’s brother and daughter. What if the evil genius has found a way to raise the dead and is resurrecting everybody he loves? It will never happen. It shouldn’t happen. (Babe and Leo could return in dream sequences or a ghosts. Since Leo’s body was never found, perhaps he could have been wandering around Las Vegas with amnesia, talking his way into a job running security for a casino until he encountered some giant robots who hit him on the head, triggering the return of his memory.) But if that’s what’s going on, you read it here first.

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