What To Watch: This Week’s DVR Picks

Saturday July 30:

Outnumbered‘ (11pm on BBC America’) **Series Premiere**

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This multi-award-winning comedy series captures the turbulent chaos of family life in a way not seen before – at its most deliciously chaotic moments. Two parents, played by Hugh Dennis and Claire Skinner, and their three children are locked in an unequal battle.

Friday Night Dinner‘ (11:30pm on BBC America) **Series Premiere**

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Every family has their quirks and the Goodmans prove that they are no exception in ‘Friday Night Dinner,’ a new comedy, created by Robert Popper. Some things never change and for the Goodmans it’s their weekly dinner, where the brothers act like kids again and Mom and Dad are as embarrassing as they always have been.

Sunday July 31:

The Bachelorette‘ (8pm ET on ABC) **The Men Tell All**

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Rejected bachelors (Bentley, Ben C. and William among them) confront Ashley and each other in a forum hosted by Chris Harrison. Also: a review of the season and a preview of the finale.

Against the Wall‘ (10pm on Lifetime) **Record Now**

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‘Against the Wall’ follows the trials and tribulations of “Abby Kowalski” (Rachael Carpani), a single Chicago police officer who finally scores her dream job as a detective; but it turns out a nightmare for her close-knit family of cops.

The Real L Word‘ (10pm on Showtime) **Season Finale**

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Romi’s breakup with Kelsey leaves her wrestling with feelings for Whitney and trying to prep for a photo shoot for the jewelry company that is interested in her line. Elsewhere, Whitney’s lover from San Francisco, Jaq, comes to town.

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