‘HIMYM’: Neil Patrick Harris Says He’s More Hop, Than Hip

Neil Patrick Harris (Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

Neil Patrick Harris (Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

How I Met Your Mother” fans went batty when Neil Patrick Harris announced on “So You Think You Can DanceWednesday night that he’ll be doing a little hip-hop on the show next season. The show being “HIMYM,” not “SYTYCD.”

XfinityTV.com caught up with Harris backstage after night two of his guest judging stint and he revealed, “I don’t know that I was supposed to have said anything about it at all so I’ll just leave it as a little tease. But, yes, I leave here and go rehearse for another three hours. I feel like a So You Think You Can Dancer.”

As for the dance itself, by “SYTYCD” choreographer Spencer Liff, Harris joked, “[It’s] Lower case hip. It’s really gonna probably be more hop at the end of the day. Yeah, we’re doing a number on the show for a future episode.”

When asked if he could dish a bit on what else Barney and the gang will be up to when the show returns on September 19, all the actor would say is, “I apparently have to wield a knife in one episode.”

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