‘The Bachelorette’s Ashley Hebert Dishes On Ben, Bentley & Engagement Rumors

'Bachelorette' Ashley Hebert on 'Lopez Tonight' (Photo: TBS)

'Bachelorette' Ashley Hebert on 'Lopez Tonight' (Photo: TBS)

A flirty George Lopez prodded “The Bachelorette’s” Ashley Hebert about her evil suitor Bentley, her rumored engagement and the night she recently spent with Ben, one of the three remaining bachelors on ABC’s reality romance.

“Are you worried what other people think?” Lopez asked the 26-year-old dentist Thursday on “Lopez Tonight” about her all-night rendezvous with Ben. “Cause I don’t think [Ben] returned to his location that evening.”

“No, he did not,” Ashley admitted, noting they had “separate rooms” in her defense.

“I was worried what the guys we’re gonna think,” Ashley said. “I didn’t want people to think we had a premature overnight date.”

“You didn’t want them to think he was premature?” Lopez joked.

“I just realized when I said that … you got me,” Ashley said.

Watch Part 1 of This Week’s “Bachelorette”:

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Lopez also brought up Bentley Williams, the would-be bachelor whose mind games and manipulations of Ashley have been a recurring storyline through much of the season.

“He played you a little bit,” Lopez said.

“A little bit? He played me a lot!” Ashley said, claiming Bentley “kind of led me on through the whole process, and led me to believe he was interested when he was not.”

Ashley said she “found out [about Bentley’s dark side] when America found out,” but she forgave him a long time ago.

“We’re just both moving on from it.”

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As for the rumors Ashley’s engaged: She didn’t confirm or deny the allegations, though the dainty “Bachelorette” was quick to grace viewers with the cliché, “Don’t believe everything everything you read in the tabloids!

“Only two more weeks and you’ll find out!” she teased.

Three contestants remain on “The Bachelorette”: Constantine, J.P., and Ben. They’ll accompany Ashley to Fiji on next week’s show, airing on Monday at 8/7c ABC.

“Lopez Tonight” airs on TBS weeknights at midnight/11c.

Watch Part 2 of the latest “Bachelorette” Episode Here:

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