Animal Planet Hooks a Spin-Off to ‘Whale Wars’

Paul Watson, "Whale Wars"Taking care of whales can be a pretty life-consuming task, as Capt. Ahab would gladly tell you. Which is why, as is reporting, Animal Planet is diving back into the water following the success of its series “Whale Wars.” That show chronicled the work of the marine conservation group Sea Shepherd as it battled to get the Japanese to end their highly-criticized whaling operations. They achieved their goal, but rather than rest, Sea Shepherd will now be going to the Danish Protectorate of the Faroe Island, with Capt. Paul Watson and Peter Hammarstedt in tow.

That’s where they’ll find an annual hunt to track and kill pilot whales. Known as “The Grind,” it’s a tradition that goes back to the original Norse settles on the island, and involves the local citizens cornering the whales into shallow coves, where roughly 1,000 will be killed. Says Marjorie Kaplan, president and general manager of Animal Planet: “For the last four years, Whale Wars has been riveting television because of the passion of the Sea Shepherds, the risks they take to save the lives of whales, and the magnificent and dangerous beauty of the Southern Ocean. Now they are once again preparing to put their lives on the line, this time in a lush and unfamiliar corner of northern Europe where the customs are different and the killing of whales continues. And we plan be there to document every moment.”

There’s no airdate for this series, tentatively titled “The Faroe Islands Project.” Meanwhile, is also reporting that because of reports that the Japanese may be getting back into the whaling business, Animal Planet is also mulling over OK-ing a fifth season of “Whale Wars.”

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