‘The View’: Whoopi Apologizes to Hef’s Runaway Bride

Crystal Harris, the so-called “runaway Playboy bride,” went on ‘The View’ Monday to dispel rumors that she left Hef at the altar.

She also got a heartfelt apology from Whoopi Goldberg for comments Whoopi made when the news was announced.

“Because I thought you left my friend at the altar, I was a little annoyed, so I apologize,” Whoopi said. “I just thought, How could someone do that? I understand now that wasn’t the case, so I am terribly sorry.”

Harris explained that she spoke to Hugh Hefner privately five days before their planned wedding to call it off. “I told him I didn’t think the wedding was a good idea and he actually said he was only doing it for me. He didn’t really want to get married either,” Harris said.

Watch Harris on “The View:”

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-View/62755/2069462304/Crystal-Harris-On-Why-She-Left-Hefner/embed 580 476]

Joy Behar was curious what the 25-year-old Harris saw in the 85-year-old perennial pajama wearer. “What were you attracted to besides his money? I mean, that’s obvious, what else?” she asked.

Harris said she was flattered by Hef’s attention and had a lot of fun at the Mansion. “I was intrigued with the whole Playboy lifestyle, growing up I’d look at Playboy magazines. I was insecure, and I thought, Could I ever be that girl? Could I ever be a Playmate?”

Harris also denied that she was seeing Dr. Phil’s son Jordan McGraw during any of the two years she was with Hef.

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