‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Ratings Continue to Soar

What’s so funny about Larry David? Everything – except the ratings for ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm“. Those are seriously high, and climbing. Last Sunday’s “Palestinian Chicken” episode, the third of this latest and eighth season, enjoyed an audience of 2.4 million people, its best in seven years. How is this being explained? One theory: David labors to make each season better than the next, and this one is an example. “Once we’re shooting I think it’s just pure joy – he loves every minute of it – but putting the outlines together is just really complicated and difficult and he makes it look easy but it’s not,” Susie Essman told Rolling Stone. “And that’s why I think Larry’s a genius – and I don’t use that word lightly.” Another theory: David is breaking new boundaries, taking his comedy into terrain where not even he has dared. Thus far, he has advised a Girl Scout having her period for the first time,dealt with battered women, and now employed garlic chicken and sex to tackle the Israeli-Palestinian situation. But the simple explanation for the good ratings might be best summed up by a comment on Deadline.com: “This season has been outrageously funny.” Folks with HBO can catch up with the latest episodes and all those from previous seasons on xfinityTV.com. Just click here.

Watch the “Palestinian Chicken” Episode:


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