John O’Hurley to Guest on ‘All My Children’

John O'Hurley (	Andy Kropa/Stringer/Getty Images)

John O'Hurley ( Andy Kropa/Stringer/Getty Images)

Imagine George Constanza commenting “Not that there’s anything wrong with it,” upon learning of Bianca (Christina Lind) and Marissa’s (Sarah Glendening) lesbian relationship on “All My Children.” Or Elaine Benes losing the contest after encountering the soap’s Griffin (Jordi Vilasuso) and Scott (Daniel Cosgrove). This is a little lower down on the awesomeness scale, but “Seinfeld’s” J. Peterman himself, John O’Hurley, will be guest starring on “All My Children” this fall.  He will play Kit Sterling, a film producer who wants to buy the rights to Erica Kane’s (Susan Lucci) new book.

For those not up to date on AMC, which ends its ABC run on September 23rd, Erica spent the past few months being held captive by a mad woman who had her face surgically altered to look just like her. After escaping, she stabbed the surgeon who was engaged to her imposter and landed in a mental hospital. Her adventures certainly would make for an interesting book. The storyline also parallels real life. Lucci recently published her memoirs.

O’Hurley has appeared on several soaps including “Loving,” “Santa Barbara” and “General Hospital.” He used to be married to former AMC star Eva LaRue, who recently reprised her role for several episodes. He will first appear on AMC on September 12.

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