‘Simpsons’ Scoop on the 500th Episode, Season 23 Guest Stars

'The Simpsons' (Photo: Fox)

'The Simpsons' (Photo: Fox)

Hooray for “The Simpsons,” who will hit a landmark 500 episodes this fall during their 23rd season.

The series will air that 500th episode on Feb. 19, 2012, but according to executive producer Al Jean, not everyone in Springfield is celebrating the milestone.

“There’s a secret town meeting going on that the Simpsons don’t know about, where the town is saying we’re going to get rid of the Simpsons,” Jean revealed to TV critics Tuesday, during a tour of the show’s animation studio, Film Roman. “They’re sick of them.”

Kicking the Simpsons out of Springfield? Say it ain’t so!

Season 23 will also feature guest stars such as “Glee’s” Jane Lynch, Andy Garcia, Jeremy Irons and “other surprises,” says Jean, who also mentioned that “24” star Kiefer Sutherland will guest voice in the season premiere as a burned-out spy trying to live in Springfield, who’s having trouble retiring.

Other tidbits about the upcoming season include news that the annual “Treehouse of Horrors” episode will actually air near Halloween this year, on Oct. 30, and there will be a Christmas-themed episode that takes place 30 years in the future. The cultural phenomenon will tackle another pop phenom when Homer becomes addicted to the show “Lost,” while the gang also does a send-up of the movie “Inception.”

The new season of “The Simpsons” premieres Sunday, Sept. 25, on Fox.

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