‘SYTYCD’: Lady Goes Gaga Over Melanie & Marko

All-Star dancer Neil Haskell and Melanie Moore perform a Contemporary routine to "Total Eclipse..." choreographed by Mandy Moore on SYTYCD (FOX)

All-Star dancer Neil Haskell and Melanie Moore perform a Contemporary routine to "Total Eclipse..." choreographed by Mandy Moore on SYTYCD (FOX)

As if having Lady Gaga judge and perform wasn’t exciting enough, two of our favorite dancers were paired up together for an amazing routine (Sasha and Melanie), Marko delivered one of the most emotional, tear-filled performances ever, and we practically tripped over none other than Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise while filling up on cheese and crackers in the VIP room pre-show.

The famous duo – hand-in-hand and forgoing the impressive array of pre-show snacks – headed to their seats five minutes before show time just after Lady Gaga – on what seemed like stilts hidden under her multi-color pantsuit but were really just her highest heels to date- slowly and carefully took her seat at the judges’ table alongside Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and the night’s second guest judge, award-winning choreographer Rob Marshall.

So do we think she can judge? Yep. Gaga gave thoughtful and smart critiques and made for great TV with comments like this one to Sasha: “I think you are as shiny on the outside as you are on the inside.” But what she said to Melanie was beyond: “You are my favorite in this competition. I would hire you tomorrow to dance on my tour.”

Watch Gaga’s Reaction:

[iframe http://www.youtube.com/embed/jF2xbiTMHpM” 580 476]

Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi were also in the house to see the top 8 perform.

But, celebrities aside, it was an exciting show as the dancers danced two routines – one with an all-star and another with each other, making for some pretty incredible pairings.

So without further adieu, here’s what went down with the top 8 on  “So You Think You Can Dance” Wednesday night…


Sasha and Pasha: Quick Step
Team Asha kicked off the night with a very cool take the Quick Step to an instrumental version of “Puttin’ on the Ritz.” Seems Rob Marshall is a big fan of Sasha as well. “You’re easily one of my favorites for sure,” he said. Mary loved it too: “You have this magnificent stage presence.” She also said her body position is the best of all the contestants. (Even Melanie?) Nigel said, “You are my favorite dancer in the competition,” only to soon take it away saying it will probably change next week. As for Gaga’s first judging. Here’s what she had to say: “Well, Sasha I think you are as shiny on the outside as you are on the inside. I think you are beautiful soul and spirit…I thought it was interesting and I thought you nailed it. It was really beautiful.”

Caitlynn and Ivan: Hip-Hop
Enough with all of the lyrical hip-hop routines this season – bring on the serious, hard-hitting classic hip-hop routines, already! Was it brilliant? Mary asked. Not really, she answered. Totally agree. It just wasn’t enough. Nigel felt the same way. “Caitlynn, I think you are extremely sexy,” said Gaga. “The connection was really magical.” Rob thought it was a beautiful style for her. “Lose yourself more in the dance,” he suggested.

Jordan and Ade: Jazz
They had me when he dragged her across the floor by her feet. Choreographer Tyce Diorio redeemed himself from a bum routine last week with this sizzling number that really showed off their athleticism and her sex appeal. “Is there anything that little body can’t do,” asked Nigel, comparing it to little girls who rip their dolls apart. I didn’t get it, but Gaga did. “I used to cut their heads off all the time,” Gaga replied. “All I could stare at is your legs…My favorite part was when you looked right into that camera and said, ‘Baby I’m a star!” Mary and Rob l-o-v-e-d it big time as well. “You have amazing extensions, they’re from God!” screamed Mary.

Catch Up On Last Week’s Episode:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/So-You-Think-You-Can-Dance/1214/2070023195/2-of-10-Voted-Off/embed 580 476]

Melanie and Neil: Contemporary
“Chills, chills, chills,” host Cat Deeley said as all four judges and the audience stood in awe of one of the best contemporary performances on this show ever. “My hat is off to you baby,” Gaga said, literally, holding her red hat. “You are my favorite in this competition. I would hire you tomorrow to dance on my tour. There is something so athletic and so passionate and so beautiful. You are such a star. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the stage. You’re incredible.” Nigel loved it so much he reneged on his compliment to Sasha earlier, saying, “I changed my mind. You are now my favorite.”

Ricky and Anya: Jive
Going after a performance like Melanie’s is a tough task as anything pales in comparison, but this was a good try. “You are a star,” said Rob, delighted with the routine. Mary thought he went in and out of the fill, but as the song got faster, he got better. “That was really tough stuff,” she said of the difficult lifts. Nigel thought he needed to get “river deeper rather than mountain higher.” Nigel then joked about it feeling like a meat market, to which Gaga rolled her chair over and joked about switching seats. Gaga said, “I have a sweet spot for you.”

Jess and Lauren G.: Hip-Hop
Oh, Jess, you didn’t take Neil Patrick Harris’ advice last week to stop mugging. He is just trying to hard and this will likely be his downfall. Mary thought there was progress. “I think you’ve matured significantly,” said Nigel, who actually thought he didn’t overplay it like he usually does. “I have so much respect for you because I went to school for theater,” said Gaga, who didn’t love the props or some of the choreography. “That was simple and pure and beautiful,” added Rob.

Tadd and Lauren F.: Jazz
No routine was cooler than this uber-hip number to Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust” that oozed with swagger, cool, and rock and roll flair. And, yes, that was Laruen accidentally hitting him in the face and that was a bloody glistening on his lower lip. Ouch. “I don’t ever remember Lauren Froderman looking like that. She grew up didn’t she,” said Nigel. “You will not be biting the dust this week.” Gaga thought it was amazing and loved the styling. “You definitely put the C on Cool tonight,” said Mary, who compared him to a young Elvis Presley. “You’re gonna land yourself in the finale,” she added.

Marko and Allison: Contemporary
It would make for quite an interesting finale if we see Marko compete against his former partner, Melanie, but with each delivering chilling performances every week, it’s looking like that just might happen. It was another standing ovation from the judges and crowd. Gaga bawled. “I’m just so proud of you. You really love to dance and I know you’re mom’s here,” said Gaga with tears streaming down her face. She said she felt all of the mistakes of her youth in his dance tonight. Marko, also in tears, called out to his mom who just flew in from Guam and said he hasn’t always been perfect. “I’m sorry,” he said to her.


Caitlynn and Tadd: Fox Trot
Rob said it best when he described it as “sparkling from beginning to end.” Will it go down as the most memorable moment of the night? Mary said nope, and she’s right. In fact, after eight amazing performances, this section of contestant duets was really unnecessary. “I was just in Heaven watching it,” said Nigel. Gaga agreed. “I just really loved it,” she said.

Marko and Ricky: Hip-Hop
They must be running out of themes for dances because waste management employees with brooms and a cleaning machine was scraping the bottom of the idea barrel big time. It was just not cool. Mary, however, loved it. “You kept it right and tight,” she screamed. Nigel thought it was a lot of fun. “I think you both cleaned up tonight,” he quipped, adding that the thinks Ricky will be in the bottom this week. “I think you’re both incredible dancers and I thought it was amazing,” said Gaga, who loved the kicks with the brooms. Though, she thought their interpretation of hip-hop was a bit contrived. Sorry, Nappytabs.

Jordan and Jess: Rumba
Rumbas are supposed to be romantic and sensual. This was not that, and it was Jess’ fault. He’s limited and seemed to struggle throughout, giving us all the more reason to think he could be going home this week. Nigel thought his back reverse spin lift was fab, but didn’t feel the chemistry. “Well, there was nothing wrong with it,” said Gaga diplomatically. Rob, however, thought they brought out the best in each other.

Sasha and Melanie: Jazz
Now this is the pairing we’ve been hoping for. The two best female dancers joining forces. But did one out-dance the other? Was it all about frontrunner Melanie? Nope, the two equally shined. To quote choreographer Sonya Tayeh, it was one beastly creation. Gaga threw her shoe at the stage explaining that that’s what you do in the dance community when something is that good. Sasha caught the show. “That was the performance of the evening,” she said. “That was the future and that’s all that matters. You were born this way. You were absolutely incredible.” Mary called it a masterpiece. Nigel said there is a sliver of paper between Sasha and Melanie as to who is the best dancer and finally admitted: “I can’t decide… I think either one of you could be this year’s champion.” Gaga then threw her other show to Sonya.

Genius night of dance and judging all around. Kudos.

Our picks for the bottom four tomorrow? Jess and Ricky for the guys and Jordan and Caitlynn for the girls. Our picks for the final four in the finale on Aug. 11: Melanie, Sasha, Marko, and Tadd. We’ll see….

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