‘SYTYCD’ Surprising Elimination Sends Two More Home

Cat Deeley with eliminated contestants Jess LeProtto and Jordan Casanova on SYTYCD (FOX)

Cat Deeley with eliminated contestants Jess LeProtto and Jordan Casanova on SYTYCD (FOX)

In one of the more surprising elimination nights of this season of “So You Think You Can Dance,” a dancer who Mary Murphy predicted would be in the finale ended up in the bottom four, a dancer who Nigel Lythgoe declared would in jeopardy was not, and the dancer with the best solo of the night went home.

We’re talking about Tadd, Ricky, and Jess, respectively. Tadd, who gave one of his best performances of the season with Wednesday night’s jazz routine with Lauren Froderman to the tune of “Another One Bites the Dust,” surprisingly landed in the bottom two instead of Ricky, who didn’t quite have his best night. Our prediction of Jess not only being in the bottom two guys, but going home, ultimately came true even though, hands down, his “dance for your life” solo Thursday night was the best.

So what gives? “We all knew as soon as we hit the top 10 that it was going to be really difficult. They are all really great dancers. Jess and Tadd both had really great solos so what do you do?” judge Mary Murphy told reporters after the show. “Jess was fabulous in his solo tonight. [But] it was a solo that we had seen before many times, so that is why we edged Tadd over.”

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Murphy added that Tadd “shocked” the judges when he flipped off the stage at the end of his solo. “I didn’t know if the audience had been prepared or anything,” she said, “so our immediate reaction up there was we all stood up and looked down to see is this kid okay?”

Oh, and as for the ladies. No shocker here. Jordan and Caitlynn were in the bottom two, paving the way for Melanie and Sasha to sashay their way to the finals in two weeks. Jordan went home, and we will bet a zillion dollars – to state the obvious -that Caitlynn’s number will be up next week.

“The two girls, we felt, didn’t bring it tonight in their solos,” added Murphy. Lythgoe didn’t think they brought it this week in general. When asked if it was a lock-in in his mind that it would be Jordan and Caitlynn in the bottom two this week, he simply said, “Yeah.”

“We do think we will probably end up with Marko and Sasha and Melanie and another in the finale. That’s what all the voting has been for all these weeks now,” added Lythgoe. On if he’s sticking to his pick for Melanie or Sasha for the win, he replied, “Absolutely.”

The dearly departed – Jess and Jordan – were chipper in parting. “It’s almost over and then we go on tour,” said Jess. “Two weeks and me and this guy will be back,” said Jordan, referring to participating in the finale with the tour to follow. “I just feel so happy to be a part of this season,” he added.

Next week, Christina Applegate serves as guest judge to help whittle the remaining six down to the top 4, which head to the finale on Aug. 10 and Aug. 11.

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