Joel McHale Previews – And Mocks – NBC’s Fall Season

Joel McHale (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Joel McHale (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Joel McHale surprised reporters Monday by kicking off NBC’s portion of Press Tour with more than a few measured quips at his “Community” parent network. “It’s no secret that this has been a challenging time in the history of NBC,” he opened. “And I don’t just mean Vincent D’Onofrio’s wardrobe dry-cleaning bill.” Using his sharpened “Soup” mockery skills, McHale fired on all cylinders, taking aim at his own show – aka “the Chevy Chase babysitting service” – and perennial favorite victim Ryan Seacrest, whom he referred to as “the most powerful hobbit in Middle Earth.”

Below, what NBC has to offer, in McHale’s words:

On NBC’s lineup: And now, let’s take a look at some of NBC’s Fall 2011 lineup, or as we refer to it around here: All the shows that don’t involve Guy Fieri cheering while some a–hole bounces ping pong balls into a bucket.

On the upcoming drama “The Playboy Club”: Basically, it’s “Mad Men” with boobs. You also get to see a young Hugh Hefner when he only had 13 different strains of herpes. Oh, sure, making fun of Hef — that’s low. His skin is now made of beef jerky. Did you know that?

On NBC’s programming strategy: We’re going to wait for all the old people watching CBS and ABC to die. NBC’s new slogan is changing from “More Colorful” to “Just one more step and you’ll be at the bottom of the stairs, grandma.”

On his own show, “Community”: I’m proud that “Community” has tied “The Jersey Shore” in Emmy nominations. [That would be zero for both.]

On the grammatically-incorrect title of “America’s Got Talent”: Seriously, would it have been so hard to call it “America Has Talent”? Why don’t you just go all the way and call it “America’s Done Got Talent.”

On the midseason return of “The Voice”: They’re making the prize next season very enticing. Not only are they offering a recording contract, but Cee-Lo will take off his sunglasses and show you his lazy eye. It’s amazing.

Watch McHale in Friday’s “Condensed Soup”:

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