‘Late Late Show’ Recap: Craig Ferguson in Paris, Day One

Craig Ferguson cavorts with Kristen Bell in Paris (Photo: CBS)

Craig Ferguson cavorts with Kristen Bell in Paris (Photo: CBS)

When Craig Ferguson said he wouldn’t even be renting a studio in Paris for his week of shows in the French capital, he wasn’t kidding.

Instead of setting up shop in a TV facility, Craig and company – including Geoff, the caustic robot, and the dancing horse Secretariat (actually two guys in a horse costume) – unfolded a card table and a couple of chairs at various locations to produce these special editions of Craig’s “Late Late Show” on CBS that began Monday night and continue through Friday (12:35 a.m./11:35 p.m. central time).

“We don’t have a studio, we don’t have any lighting, but that never stopped us in America and it’s not going to stop us here!” Ferguson joked.

In fact, setting up his own table and chairs wasn’t even necessary when seating was already available, such as the bench outside the famed Shakespeare & Co. bookstore where Craig did one segment Monday night.

What else did he do on Monday’s show? Here’s what:

He escorted pal Kristen Bell around town – to the Eiffel Tower and also to dinner with French movie star Jean Reno, who co-starred with Bell in the “comedy” film “Couples Retreat” (now playing incessantly on HBO). Bell and Ferguson usually have great chemistry when she appears as a guest on “Late Late Show,” but on Monday night, the two were like a couple on a bad blind date.

He impersonated both Michael Caine and Sean Connery: These bits were hilarious – Ferguson as Caine in a spacesuit for “Michael Caine in Space in Paris,” and as a drunken Connery blathering in an outdoor café in “Sean Connery’s Parisian Memories.” Another bit, in which Craig played an effete French Aquaman (“Le Homme d’Aqua”) was not nearly as memorable.

Craig Ferguson’s “Le Late Late Show” from Paris continues Tuesday night.

Watch Craig Ferguson in Paris right here:

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