‘Bachelor Pad 2’ Couple Pushes Broadcast TV Boundaries

Hoochies! Hook-ups! Hot sex! The new season of ABC’s “Bachelor Pad” is so racy, many scenes are simply not suitable for air on network television.

“If we wanted to, we could have released a sex tape from this season,” executive producer Mike Fleiss says. “One of the couples basically had full on sexual intercourse in front of the camera!”

The scene has to be carefully edited to clear network censors, Fleiss told us: “Obviously, we can’t show nudity. But this is the raciest stuff we have ever seen. We are going to push the limits of ABC censorship, that is for sure.”

“Bachelor Pad 2” – which premieres August 8 – also features an awkward and fiery reunion of sorts for former Bachelor Jake Pavelka and his one-time love Vienna Girardi.

“She has a new boyfriend named Casey who is there, who is jealous as sh-t and wants to beat the crap out of Jake,” Fleiss revealed when we caught up earlier this week. That has nothing to do with the game, yet it occupies a lot of real estate.”

How did you get both Jake and Vienna to agree to both be on the show?
I can’t tell you that.

Did it take a lot of convincing?
I think it did. Jake wasn’t so hard. I think he wanted a chance to explain some of his behavior. But Vienna was plain terrified. You will see that. She literally flipped out. Scared.

How awkward was it being around them?
It was one of the great moments we have had on any of the series related to the franchise. She’s hyperventilating and scared. You see the look of panic. It is really good – if you like panicking women.

Is that why you had to expand the premiere to three hours?
That stuff plays really long. There is this great scene that we didn’t really want to have to cut out. It wasn’t our idea. The network was there when we were filming. And they said, “Hey, do you think you have enough for three hours?” So we went to the edit bay and cut it down and it came in at 3 ½ hours.

Chris Harrison says Ames is the break out star this season. Do you agree?
He is great on the show. Very interesting guy, very likable guy.

Some people were disappointed with this season of “The Bachelorette.” Is “Bachelor Pad” going to be the future of this franchise?
I think “The Bachelor” is the big show. “Bachelor Pad” and “Bachelorette” are spin-offs of he big show. Without the big show, I don’t think Bachelor Pad would really work. sexy

Who is the biggest drama queen?
Vienna is right there — and Michelle Money is always good for some drama.

“The Bachelor Pad” premieres August 8 on ABC. Add the show to your Watchlist here.

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