‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Someone Gets Shot in the Season Opener

“Oh man, watch out,” LL Cool J said when asked about the new season of “NCIS: Los Angeles.” Indeed, while our pal Matt Mitovich at TVLine.com spoke to the hit show’s executive producer and is reporting that “not only does Season 3 pick up a mere three minutes after the finale left off, but the proceeding 43 minutes of the premiere will unspool in “real time” a la 24,” our new pal, Mr. Cool J, described the season opener as “wild! Awesome.” He added that “a lot of unexpected things happen.” For instance? “A main character gets shot,” he said. “It gets crazy. All bets are off.” Really? Any more details? “I’ll leave it at that,” he said with the delight of someone who knows a big secret. As for new developments with his character, Special Agent Sam Hanna, LL cautioned against expecting any significant personal revelations – at least quickly. “We’ll get there,” he said. “But this is a TV show, not a movie, and it takes time. There’s no reason to rush.” Still, he couldn’t be more enthusiastic about climbing back into his special agent role. “He’s the coolest character,” LL said. “Just being a former Navy Seal – what better character to play now in America?”

Season three of “NCIS: Los Angeles” premieres September 20 on CBS. Add the show to your Watchlist so you don’t miss an episode.

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