Fox News Dominates July Cable News Ratings

Bill O'Reilly of Fox News Channel (Photo: Getty Images)

Bill O'Reilly of Fox News Channel (Photo: Getty Images)

No other television network – or, for that matter, no other news organization, period – gets more mud flung at it than Fox News Channel.

There’s so much criticism of FNC out there – from Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Jon Stewart and scores of other media types — that it’s easy to be lulled into believing that nobody loves Fox News. Then, you get a look at the ratings from time-to-time and you’re reminded that the reverse is true: A lot of people love Fox News – a lot more, in fact, than love also-ran news channels CNN and MSNBC.

A case in point: The cable news ratings for July, which show FNC far out in front of the other guys. As detailed here on, Fox News programs occupy 10 of the top 12 slots in the cable news rankings. And the only reason FNC didn’t capture 11 slots is because of a total fluke: Nancy Grace’s show on HLN assumed the sixth position due to its coverage of the sensational Casey Anthony trial.

“Nancy Grace” averaged 1.35 million in July. That’s no small feat, to be sure, but with no trial like the Anthony case looming on the horizon, we doubt “Nancy Grace” will repeat those numbers.

Well, at least lowly HLN made the Top 10. You have to move your index finger all the way down the list to number 16 to find an MSNBC show – in this instance, “Rachel Maddow,” which averaged 974,000 viewers nightly. For CNN, the news is even worse: CNN’s highest-rated prime-time show is Anderson Cooper’s “AC 360” at No. 25 with 760,000. “Piers Morgan Tonight” was 28th with 708,000.

So who’s on top? “The O’Reilly Factor,” of course, with 2,793 million viewers nightly.

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