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There are two weeks that hurt the most to go home on “So You Think You Can Dance.” The week before the top 10, which means the booted dancer was just one bum dance away from heading out on the big tour. And, this week, which is the week they go from six to the top four that head onto the finale.

Judging by Wednesday night’s performance show, one of “the ones to beat” –  Marko – didn’t have his best night, delivering a Paso Doble that Nigel Lythgoe (and yours truly) thought lacked passion. That said, even his slightly off night is better than most.

And flipping the script a bit came out Caitlynn, who had a breakthrough performance with her lyrical jazz number with Marko that wowed the judges’ like never before. If she goes, it’s on a high note for sure.

Watch Highlights From Last Week:

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So, did something crazy happen?
Did Marko end up in the bottom?
Was Caitlynn’s 11th hour awakening enough to knock one of the “super beasts” – Melanie and Sasha- down?

Let’s find out…

***Spoiler Alert***

The answer to all three of those questions was no, no, and no.

Here’s how it went down: The first girl sent off to the finale was Melanie. Next up, Marko was cleared for takeoff to next week as well. Predictable, sure. Are we happy? Hell yes!

“Caitlynn performs and dances from her head. I think overthinks things too much,” said Nigel. “I think Sasha dances from her soul.”

With that, Caitlynn was out and Sasha made the finale.

Now onto the boys. This one was harder. It was a given that Melanie, Sasha and Marko would be in there in the end. But there’s been debate between Tadd and Ricky. Our pick was Tadd to move onto the finale.

Did we get our pick? Yes!

That means our top 4 this season are Melanie, Sasha, Marko, and Tadd.

We’ll see Caitlynn and Ricky soon enough as they will be back for the finale to dance, as will the entire top 20.

Caitlynn was genuinely happy she went out on a high note. “It was a great note to go out on. I had an amazing, amazing night. Everyone is so amazing. At this point, it’s just up to the viewers who they want to vote for. I’m really happy with the whole thing.”

Ricky, with a tear in his eye, said, “I’m a little bummed, but also excited because I’m going on tour… I really, it’s all in America’s hands and they choose and they choice the right person, or a good person. It was strong season and I’m just really, really happy to see Tadd go on. He’s a B-Boy and he’s amazing.”

Other highlights of the show were last season’s winner, Laruen Froderman, and runner up Kent Boyd, performing to Howie Day’s “Collide,” which was nominated for an Emmy for Travis Wall’s choreography. The pair punctuated their dance with a passionate wet one. Nice touch!

As for Pia Toscano’s pre-taped performance of her new single, a cover of “This Time,” – she reminds us of a brunette, “Jersey Shore” version of Jessica Simpson. Just sayin…

A little bit of news here: On board for next week’s finale will be all-stars Lauren F., Robert, Mark, and Joshua. And, Katie Holmes and Kenny Ortega are on board as guest judges.

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