‘Entourage’ Preview: The Dice Man Cometh

Andrew Dice Clay in "Entourage" (Photo: HBO)

Can movie star Vincent Chase stay out of trouble and out of the tabloids?

Not unless he develops the instincts necessary to sense a bad situation before it’s too late, and get out of there in a hurry.

You be the judge, as Vince (Adrian Grenier) – who only recently avoided jail on a drug possession charge by agreeing to undergo rehabilitation – finds himself in a dicey situation in this weekend’s episode of “Entourage” on HBO (Sunday at 10:30/9:30c).

Sorry – no pun intended there since the scene in question has nothing to do with Andrew Dice Clay, who’s in for his second episode this week. The storyline, in which Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon) gets the has-been comedian a job co-starring with him as a voice on a new animated series, is just getting started, which means the Dice Man will likely be around for multiple episodes. The gig might even help jump-start his stalled, real-life career.

In this weekend’s episode – the third of the abbreviated eight-episode final season of this HBO comedy series about young Hollywood – Dice decides to play hardball with the cartoon series’ producer, even though the show hasn’t even aired yet.

As for Vince, he becomes embroiled – again – with an unscrupulous producer (played to perfection by Kim Coates of “Sons of Anarchy”).

Elsewhere in the episode, titled “One Last Shot”: Ari (Jeremy Piven), who’s still separated from Mrs. Ari, begins gingerly to dip his toe into the dating waters with mixed results. E (Kevin Connolly) becomes swept up in Dice’s contract demands, and Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) gets some life-changing (and career-changing) news.

Look for our recap of Sunday’s episode first thing Monday morning.

“Entourage” airs Sunday nights at 10:30/9:30c on HBO, right after “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

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