Dennis Rodman: ‘Celeb Rehab’ Is No Place to Seek Cure

Dennis Rodman on "The Tonight Show Friday (Photo: NBC)

“Celebrity Rehab” didn’t help Dennis Rodman kick his addiction to alcohol – except for the 19 days it took to film the series.

The Chicago Bulls rebounding phenom told Jay Leno Friday on “The Tonight Show” that seeking a cure for an alcohol or drug dependency on a TV show is not realistic.

“It worked for like 19 days,” Rodman, 50, said of the “season” he spent on the celebrity detox series in 2009. “I’m not going to lie to you. It’s very difficult to go on a TV show like that and not expect to have some difficulties because it’s all about TV. I don’t think any human being in the world can go to a rehab for 19 days and then all of a sudden be cured. That’s just insane.”

Rodman was on season three of “Celebrity Rehab,” along with Heidi Fleiss, Tom Sizemore, MacKenzie Phillips and others. While fellow “Tonight Show” guest Dennis Miller listened in, Rodman told Leno he still drinks, though it was hard to determine if he still uses alcohol in copious amounts or whether he drinks frequently or occasionally. Though you can’t tell such things from the way Rodman or any celebrity appears on television, it appeared to us that Rodman looked and sounded better Friday night than he had in years, so maybe he’s curbed his partying ways.

On the other hand, he DID come on “The Tonight Show” to promote a partying-lifestyle product – a hangover preventative that you drink before you start drinking.

Watch Dennis Rodman talk about “Celebrity Rehab” on “The Tonight Show” here:

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