Eden Sher Enjoys Looking ‘Ugly’ On ‘The Middle’

Eden Sher says she loves geeking it up to play socially awkward teen Sue Heck on “The Middle.”

“I don’t understand when people don’t want to look ugly on TV,” she tells us.  “It is the most fun thing in the world.” Sher, 19, heads back to work this week on season 3 of the sitcom about a family of five struggling to keep their heads above water in small town Indiana.

On the September 21 premiere – a two-parter, Sher teases — the Heck family goes camping.  The episode will also feature a guest appearance by Ray Romano, who is seen in a flashback to Mike and Frankie’s disastrous honeymoon.

What would you like to see happen for Sue this season?
I would love to see Sue date a college guy.  That is definitely plausible.

What about the guys that they cast as your boyfriends?  Any off-screen sparks for you?
No.  They are always like 13 or 14.  And they think I am, too!  I am like “back off, dude.”

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What did you do this summer?
I went to India.  I went for 7 weeks to do a volunteer program and then I traveled.  It was amazing.

Who did you go with?
I went by myself.

What did you do?
I volunteered at a preschool type place.  I taught them English.  I did nursery rhymes, got culturally immersed.  I learned about Hinduism. I took care of little Indian children.

Did they sit Indian style for you?
They actually did! 

Actually I think we call it “Criss Cross Apple Sauce” now.
There it is politically correct to say Indian Style.  It is ok.

How was the food?  Were you able to survive?
Yeah, I got some major Dehli belly.  But I made it through.

Did anybody recognize you from TV?

No.  Not at all – which was awesome.  I would not have wanted to be recognized there because I feel like I would have been mobbed.  There are people there everywhere.

What is the biggest misconception about India?
A lot of people think there are dead bodies in the streets.  No!  It is much more harmonious.  It is the most harmonious country I have ever been to.  There could be potential for so much fighting and people hating each other and it is not like that at all.  Everybody just kind of gets along.

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