‘The Glee Project’ Sends Another Hopeful Packing

Hannah McIalwain, you have just been “von Bleickened.”

That’s my new term, named after former contender Marissa, for when a consistently praised contender wins a homework assignment and then gets prematurely ousted in the same week on “The Glee Project.

Hannah’s elimination was really quite predictable considering Ryan Murphy’s scathing comments to her after her last chance performance, such as, “I love you. I root for you.” Then there was, “You’re the person that people want to see win.” And of course the damning, “You really are the show.”

Oops, when I said “predictable” and “scathing,” I meant “baffling” and “misleading.”

Just what is the “Glee” God getting at? He plainly stated that he felt Bottom Three contenders Lindsay and Samuel were unrelatable, then he kept them anyway. He expounds repeatedly that “Glee” is about rooting for underdogs, yet he bade farewell to the gift of having a real, live one to write for on the show.

The contenders’ fates seem to be twisted up with whatever story concept Murphy has become obsessed with of late. Cameron’s morality-based hard-to-get routine really enticed Murphy to write about a conservative Christian at McKinley High (which he claims hasn’t been done properly on the show yet). Now that Cameron’s out of the picture, Murphy thinks he can get what he wants out of Samuel, who has essentially stated in several confessionals that his goal isn’t to project his actual personality but whatever the judges want to see. So all it took was one prodding question from Murphy to lead Samuel to suddenly be Mr. Christianity. He may have a Jesus tattoo, but he certainly hasn’t talked up his faith throughout the season the way Cameron did. But he said what Murphy wanted to hear, and he survived to compete another week.

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Lindsay provided a bit of tempting backstory during her last chance round as well. At times throughout the season, despite her obvious talent, she has seemed rather off-putting and full of herself. The difference between her teary Hail Mary speech and Samuel’s was that it came across as genuine, and it lines up with her behavior throughout the competition. She’s got the perfectionist defense mechanism thing going on (to win her adopted family’s affection), so she toots her own horn a lot. It’s not super appealing, but it’s understandable.

Hannah didn’t stand a chance against those two personal interest stories, no matter how fabricated they might be. She was given the kiss-off of basically, “We wish you could see you how we see you.” Which is lovable but not on the show, apparently.

It’s true that Hannah let herself get distracted during the video shoot and her performance suffered from it. But like Marissa, this was her first major falter after weeks of following constructive criticism and giving believable, well-rounded portrayals (as opposed to making the same aggressive face over and over again like some people).

It just goes to show that this late in the game, if you wobble even a little, you better have a compelling life story to fall back on. And also that Ryan Murphy possibly hates gingers.

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