SyFy Finally Confirms That ‘Eureka’ Is Being Canceled

colin-ferguson-eurekaEven the geniuses who live in the fictional town of Eureka would have a tough time wrapping their immense minds around this perplexing puzzle, which apparently will leave them all homeless and jobless.

Last week, word leaked out that the SyFy network series “Eureka” was going to be canceled. Then the story flipped – it wasn’t canceled after all. In fact, it was going to get six additional episodes beyond the 13-episode fifth season that was already being filmed. Channel execs even hinted that that the series might be able to continue for a while longer. But now, according to, SyFy has released a statement confirming that Eureka is being canceled and those six additional episodes will not be made. The fifth season will air as planned, and that will be that for this quirky serio-comic tale of a group of brilliant scientists living together in a small, secret Pacific Northwest town.

According to the SyFy statement: “After painstaking consideration, we have had to make the difficult business decision to not order a season six of ‘Eureka.’ But ‘Eureka’ is not over yet. There is a new holiday episode this December and 12 stellar episodes set to debut next year, marking its fifth season and six memorable years on Syfy. The 2012 episodes are some of the best we’ve seen, and will bring this great series to a satisfying end. We are very grateful to Bruce Miller and Jaime Paglia, their team of incredible writers, and an amazing cast and crew who have consistently delivered a series we continue to be very proud of. We thank the fans for their support of this show and know they will enjoy its final season in 2012.“

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“Eureka” was never a major ratings grabber, but it had a devout cult following. Judging by the comments on, SyFy might want to re-rethink it’s position on this. Said one, “The show has everything: likeable characters, serious moments, witty dialogue – but then again, this is the same channel that ruined the ‘Stargate’ franchise. Here’s to hoping another, smarter network picks it up!”

Added another: “Good job Syfy. You cancelled your best show. I wonder if it was the stellar cast or plots or the fact that it has an awesome fan base. I’m glad you changed your name, because Wrestling doesn’t really fit into the Science Fiction category. You can just leave the whole genre now, thanks. Give your good shows to USA, they seem to know how to treat success.”

There is still one more season left so fans will be able to bid “Eureka” a fond farewell. However, SyFy hasn’t said exactly when those final 13 episodes are going to air.

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