Jennifer Love Hewitt to Star in Lifetime Series ‘The Client List’

Jennifer Love Hewitt in The Client List (Lifetime)

Jennifer Love Hewitt in The Client List (Lifetime)

People snickered when Jennifer Love Hewitt received a Golden Globe nomination for her role in the Lifetime movie “The Client List,” a somewhat intentionally funny story about a housewife turned massage parlor prostitute. Now Hewitt is having the last laugh. The network has just greenlit a series based upon the movie. Deadline reports that “The Client List” was picked up for ten episodes, all of which will presumably have happy endings.

The series is slated to debut in 2012. The show is described as, the story of “a Texas housewife who, after being deserted by her husband, takes a job at a seemingly traditional day spa in a neighboring town but realizes that the parlor offers way more than massages and ends up partnering with the parlor’s feisty and disorganized owner to run the business.” With “Desperate Housewives” about to start its final season, Hewitt’s show has the potential to take over DH’s role as a satire of suburban life.

Airing a show whose central character is a sex worker/entrepreneur is a departure for Lifetime, whose other series all center around women who fit the traditional definitions of heroines.  “The Client List” is one of several new series featuring female protagonists whose jobs require them to be sexy including “The Playboy Club,” “Pan Am,” and “Charlie’s Angels.”

In addition to starring in and producing “The Client List,” Hewitt’s deal with Lifetime includes a guarantee that she will get to direct an upcoming Lifetime movie. Will the network squeeze another telepic out of the Natalee Holloway saga? Or will Hewitt helm the inevitable Casey Anthony film? A behind the scenes look at the show that launched her career, “Party of Five,” titled “How Are We Going to Make People Cry This Week?” could be fun. Perhaps Hewitt will go for the tried and true and opt to direct a story about a woman whose seemingly perfect husband turns out to be a psychopath.

This has been a great week for Hewitt. The famously unlucky in love actress, who wrote in her book that she often goes window shopping for engagement rings, may have a hot new romance with “The Bachelorette” runner up Ben F. Given the many similarities between “The Bachelor” franchise and a massage parlor, this could be a match made in heaven.

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