CBS Snaps Up 1960s Vegas Series From ‘Goodfellas’ Writer


The swingin’ ’60s are having a resurgence on television, and CBS is the latest to get in on the action.

CBS TV Studios is developing a new drama called “Ralph Lamb” (let’s hope that’s a working title), from the writer of “Goodfellas,” Deadline reports.

“Goodfellas” Is Available On Demand!

Set in the early sixties, the project is based on the true story of Ralph Lamb, a cowboy who became a sheriff in Las Vegas in the ’60s and ’70s. Lamb was Clark County’s most famous sheriff, who reigned over Sin City for two decades and had a notoriously tough stance against the mafia and its control over casinos during that time.

Film director James Mangold (“Walk the Line,” “Girl, Interrupted”) will executive produce and direct the high-profile pilot, which is a rare dabble into television for Pileggi (who also wrote “Casino” and “Wiseguy”).

Five seasons after “Mad Men” made the ’60s fashionable again come at least two new shows this fall set in the era, ABC’s “Pan Am” and NBC’s “The Playboy Club,” while a few TV classics from the ’60s are set for remakes, including “The Munsters” and “Bewitched.”

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