Did ABC Lie to Vienna About Jake Being on ‘Bachelor Pad’?

Vienna Girardi (Photo: ABC)

Vienna Girardi (Photo: ABC)

As if seeing her and Jake Pavelka’s dramatic shenanigans on Monday night’s “Bachelor Pad” weren’t enough, Vienna Girardi is speaking up once again on the matter—but this time she’s taking ABC down with her!

Chatting with the New York Post Thursday, the controversial reality star implied that the network fibbed about Jake being a no-show on the summer hit spin-off just to get her on board.

“The producers will never tell you who’s on the show, but they did say that no ‘Bachelor’ or ‘Bachelorette’ would be invited,” she said.

“Bachelor Pad” Recap: The Jake and Vienna Showdown

While the 25-year-old Girardi claimed she “was absolutely terrified” when she saw her ex strutting through the “Bachelor” mansion, she admitted the Texan tried to call her a few days before. “I hadn’t spoken or seen him in close to a year,” she stated. “I didn’t answer the call, but I had a strange feeling it was to tell me he was on the show.”

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Fortunately for her sake, Vienna found shelter in the comforting arms of her “Guard-and-Protect-Your-Heart” boyfriend, Kasey Kahl. Unfortunately for many of us, their seemingly volatile and juvenile romance might turn into a VH1 reality show, noted one source.

“The ratings were off the chart for ‘Bachelor Pad,’ and we all know why: Vienna and Jake,” said the source. “Let’s face it: a [Vienna] show would be a great idea.”

As for Vienna’s allegations of ABC’s trickster ways, the network would not comment. Until it does, perhaps we’ll never know what actually happened. It could just be a simple case of a fame-lover lying to get attention, but unfortunately—considering this particular one recently got a schnoz trimming—Pinocchio revelations aren’t possible.

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