‘Sons’ Boss Slams Greedy ‘Mad Men’ Creator

Producer Kurt Sutter and his wife actress Katey Sagal (Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Producer Kurt Sutter and his wife actress Katey Sagal (Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Sons of Anarchy” creator Kurt Sutter, who’s known for setting the blogosphere ablaze with his hot-blooded, epic rants, has done it again. But this time, instead of say, targeting old-fashioned Emmy voters, he’s taking on one of his own – another showrunner.

Sutter launched a series of Tweets Thursday that blamed “Mad Men” writer/creator Matthew Weiner for the mysterious firing of Frank Darabont from “The Walking Dead” (the two popular shows share a network in AMC).

According to Sutter, a greedy Weiner demanded so much money during his hold-out negotiations with AMC, that in order to meet that demand and keep the Emmy-winning show on the network, concessions had to be made. Sutter alleges that’s why Frank Darabont was let go from Season 2 of “The Walking Dead,” and that there was also a ripple effect to the network’s other high-profile show, “Breaking Bad.”

“why darabont got fired – weiner. he held AMC hostage, broke their bank, budgets were slashed, sh*t rolled down hill onto gilligan and frank,” Sutter wrote. “no one else wants to f*cking say it, but the greed of mad men is killing the other two best shows on tv — breaking bad and walking dead.”

While his show does not air on AMC – “Anarchy” rules on FX – Sutter likely knows a lot about the politics of the industry and behind-the-scenes scoop from his Hollywood pals.

“darabont reacted strongly to slashed budgets. he made mistakes, he was fired. no creative in town will trust AMC to back up their artists,” he added. “screwing over breaking bad, trying to get vince to end the series in 7 eps cause there was no cash. slashing WD budgets by 650k…”

Later, Sutter clarified his beef isn’t so much with Weiner as it is with the network:

“i don’t know MW, got no beef with him. just hate that darabont is being demonized. no one has the balls to tell the truth. MM gutted AMC,” said another Tweet.

And, “this is not me vs. matt. the issue is that amc should not have compromised their other shows to appease his $$ demands. it was bad business.”

Sutter also touched on why he sometimes can’t keep a lid on it:

“i have trouble determining the line between honesty and brutal frankness. i usually get pushed past it by bullsh*t and injustice.”

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