Days After Joy Behar Weds, Sherri Shepherd Also Ties Knot

Newlyweds Sherri Shepherd (left) and Joy Behar (Photos: Getty Images)

Newlyweds Sherri Shepherd (left) and Joy Behar (Photos: Getty Images)

Two out of five co-hosts on “The View” got married in the last four days.

That’s a pretty hefty percentage for any workplace — in this case, 40 percent of one TV show’s entire on-air staff. The latest “View” gal to tie the knot, in the wake of Joy Behar’s wedding in New York last Thursday: Sherri Shepherd.

Shepherd’s wedding took place Saturday in Chicago, her home town. She married Lamar Sally, described in this story as a “television writer.” (A look at the Internet Movie Database reveals Sally wrote for the ABC sitcom, “Rodney,” co-created by Damon Wayans, which ran for two seasons starting in 2004).

Just in case you weren’t invited to Shepherd’s wedding, Style Network is producing a special all about the big event that’s scheduled to premiere Sept. 13.

Meanwhile, no plans have been announced for televising Behar’s wedding. She married long-time (29 years!) boyfriend Steve Janowitz. It was the second marriage for Behar, 68. Shepherd, 44, also got hitched for the second time.

Barring any sudden surprises, we don’t expect any more weddings any time soon for “The View” crew. If you’re keeping score, here’s a quick marriage summary for the rest of ’em: Elisabeth Hasselbeck, 34, is married to former NFL’er Tim Hasselbeck (her only marriage); Whoopi Goldberg, 55, has been married three times and is currently single; and Barbara Walters, 81, is also single, but was married four times.

Don’t tune in to “The View” Monday morning expecting to hear the ladies discuss the two weddings in the past week. For that, you’ll have to wait until September, since the show just ceased production for the rest of the summer.

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