‘Days’ Star Missy Reeves Talks Matt Ashford’s Return

“Day’s” Star Missy Reeves Previews Matt Ashford’s Return

Days of Our Lives” fans are eagerly anticipating the September reunion of supercouple Jack (Matt Ashford) and Jennifer (Missy Reeves). Reeves spoke with me at last week’s junket about reuniting with Ashford, the two men in Jennifer’s life, and why she still fondly remembers all the dialogue about Jennifer’s diaphragm during the Cruise of Deception.

What are the circumstances surrounding Jack’s return?
Jennifer thought that he left and ditched his family and forgot about us. He went on a walkabout. Sort of for Jack it’s a little normal for him to take off. Jennifer decides she’s going to get a divorce and move on because she hasn’t heard from him, he hasn’t called, nothing. So they get divorced and she meets Daniel, this wonderful man who saves her life. She becomes emotionally attached to him. They’re falling in love, and then Jack comes back.We don’t know from there. It’s going to be interesting. Jennifer has to choose.

What is Jack’s excuse for disappearing?
It’s that he’s been in this very dramatic place, being held hostage and Jennifer has to understand he wasn’t able to get to a phone. She’s not sure if she believes it yet.

What was it like working with Matt Ashford again?
It was great. We know each other so well. We’ve worked together for so many years that he just walked in and we got right back to it. Of course, the first day he came back, he just fell into that cake and we started laughing hysterically. I was like, “I can’t laugh. This has to be serious.” So I had to pull it together pretty quickly.

Does Daniel stand a chance with Jennifer now that Jack is back?
She really has fallen for Daniel (Shawn Christian). It’s really hard because she’s really in love with him. He’s so stable. That’s what she loves. But she has this history with Jack, and children, so they’ll always have a connection. Jack and Daniel put Jennifer in the position: who do you choose?

Jennifer’s daughter, Abby, is dating a DiMera. Is that going to draw Jennifer into the DiMera/Kiriakis war?
Chad has shown a good side to me, that he can be trusted, that he’s a good man. So we’ll see how long that lasts.

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Have you noticed a difference in the writing since the new headwriters have taken over?
Yes, completely. It felt like everyone was getting rejuvenated to this new idea of going back to what we know, going back to making Days great.

What do you think of the new Horton Square set?
We were saying how much we loved it when they built it. It is such an honor to Mac[donald Carey] and Frances Reid, T these two actors who started the show, are now being represented on our new set. I just love it. It was such a great tribute to them. It’s fun to come here and see them every day. It reminds us of what the show is about and what it’s built on, how great it is, what we’re trying to get back to, core family values and how these people fight for their families and relationships.

What happens at the Horton Square dedication?
That’s when Jack comes back. We have a big mayoral campaign with Abe (James Reynolds) and E.J. (James Scott) running for mayor.

Everyone remembers Jennifer losing her virginity to Jack in a cave when they were shipwrecked.
The diaphragm made it all the way across the ocean. We laughed about that forever.

What are some of your favorite Jack and Jennifer moments?
I do love all the adventures that we used to do, and the disguises, the quick banter back and forth, Jennifer just throwing plates at him, him dressing up as Santa Claus. Every day was so much fun.

Your husband, Scottt Reeves, is on “General Hospital,”and used to be on “The Young & the Restless.” Do you like being a two-soap family?
We love it. It’s even better now that there are all these dark weeks. Whenever the show’s dark we go to [our home in] Tennessee.

One Life to Live Hits Two and a Half Year Ratings High

One Life to Live” continues to defy ratings gravity. Viewers tuned in to see everyone in Llanview find out that there were two men claiming to be Todd Manning. The week of August 1st, the show gained a whopping 547,000 viewers versus last year, making it the show’s most watched week since November 10, 2008. 2,912,000 people watched OLTL, making it the number three soap among total viewers. It also tied for number two with “General Hospital” in the all-important Women 18-49 ratings. It is unprecedented for a canceled soap to see this sort of sustain ratings growth. OLTL had 408,000 more viewers than GH. In a just television world, ABC would reconsider its decision to cancel the show. That is not going to happen. However, OLTL’s improved ratings could help the show secure a cable home. Networks should take interest in a show whose audience is growing.

The Lying Game Hypes The Show’s “General Hospital” Connections

The ABC Family Channel is touting its new series “The Lying Game‘s,” which premiers tonight, connections to “General Hospital.” I have seen repeated promos during GH that mention the show is “from the producer of “General Hospital”” and stars GH alum Tyler Christopher (ex-Nick). Having seen the pilot, I would classify Christopher’s role, as the older brother of the protagonist’s love interest, to be very supporting, though that may change in later episodes.  The ABC promo department was probably wise not to mention Chuck Pratt’s name or his more recent daytime credit, “All My Children,”given that many fans and some of the cast blame him for years of bad storylines that tanked the ratings.

It strikes me that ABC primetime and ABC Family are losing a valuable promotional asset with the cancellation of the daytime soaps. ABC’s new dramas — “Pan Am, and “Revenge” are soap operas. “Charlie’s Angels” is more of an action series, but it, too, stars a GH alum, Annie Ilonzeh (ex-Maya) and targets a female audience. Each one of the numerous commercial breaks are an opportunity to entice a group of dedicated drama viewers, who will watch the shows that they enjoy religiously, to check out the premieres of the new series. It is less likely that a show designed to be watched occasionally, that may be watched by a lot of people who prefer talk and reality to scripted programming will be as effective at helping launch new series. While ABC will undoubtedly save money with it new lower cost programming, it may end up spending additional promotional money to reach the millions of people who are no longer watching its soaps.

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