Could Howie Mandel’s ‘Talent’ Job Be In Jeopardy?

Howie Mandel on America's Got Talent (NBC)

Howie Mandel on America's Got Talent (NBC)

Could Howie Mandel soon be out of a job?

After none of his hand-picked acts advanced during the “wild card” round of “America’s Got Talent” last night, rival judge Piers Morgan says the comic has lost his cred and could be in danger of getting canned.

“I hope Howie makes it for next season,” Morgan told us moments after the live telecast.

“When you take such a terrible drubbing, it does reflect on your ability as a judge.  It makes it obvious to people you don’t have a clue what you are talking about.  To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if these were the final few weeks of Howie Mandel on ‘America’s Got Talent.’ I am worried about Howie.”

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The two judges have been involved in an ongoing on-camera feud since Morgan called Mandel “annoying” and an “ignoramus” last season.

During the “wild card” round, each of the three judges were allowed to bring back four previously eliminated contestants.

Three of Morgan’s acts – puzzle maker The Kinetic King, illusionist Landon Swank and jump-ropers Summerwind Skippers – made it through and will now perform in the quarter finals. Mandel used his picks primarily to select acts that would annoy his prickly British nemesis.

One selection, comic J. Chris Newberg, used his 90 seconds on stage to conduct a scathing roast of Morgan.  Before the results were revealed, Morgan threatened to quit the show and move back to his native England if Those Funny Little People — another of Mandel’s acts — were voted through.

“I am not quite sure what Howie does here other than annoy me,” he said.  “Clearly tonight, his talent picking has been exposed as a sham.  I would say fears are growing for Howie.”

While no official announcement has been made by NBC about which judges will return next season, Howie doesn’t seem concerned about finding a new job.

He is already being courted as host of “Canada’s Got Talent.”

“That would be nice,” he told website  “I look for any reason to go home.”

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