‘Love in the Wild’ Finale: Who Won?

Mike Spiro, Samantha Woods, Miles Haefner, Heather Pond of 'Love in the Wild' (Photo: NBC)

Mike Spiro, Samantha Woods, Miles Haefner, Heather Pond of 'Love in the Wild' (Photo: NBC)

Who’s setting off on another “Wild” ride?

On Wednesday night’s season finale of “Love in the Wild,” the final two couples raced to the finish line after a two-day final adventure.

The grand prize? A first-class trip around the world. The bonus prize? (Hopefully) a legitimate love connection.

It was down to two couples: Heather and Miles and Samantha and Mike. Sam and Mike, who had won more legs of the competition than anyone else all season, had the edge going into the finale.

After a challenging trek that included canoeing, pitching a tent, assembling an ox cart and climbing to the top of a volcano, Mike and Samantha did indeed take the win, although Heather and Miles gave them a good run for it.

At the end of the episode, viewers got a nice little post-show update on the couples’ status and amazingly, no one has broken up yet. Sam and Mike are getting ready for their global adventure and have met each other’s parents, while Heather and Miles are still dating.

If you’re looking for more “Love in the Wild,” NBC has begun casting, so presumably the show will be back for a Season 2 next summer.

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