What To Watch: This Week’s DVR Picks

Friday August 26:

Man vs. Wild‘ (9pm on Discovery) **Season Finale** Record Now

Bear Grylls has survived in some of the most dangerous places on Earth. From jungles to deserts and from Everest to Antarctica, he travels to places where you couldn’t last a day without the right survival skills. See how another exciting season concludes.

Rhett & Link: Commercial Kings‘ (10pm on IFC) **Season Finale** Record Now

‘Rhett & Link: Commercial Kings’ chronicles the quest of life-long best friends Rhett McLaughlin & Link Neal as they travel the country making epic local commercials for some of the nation’s most deserving local businesses. This docu-comedy is based on the successful web series I Love Local Commercials and features Rhett & Link helping local businesses achieve their goals by creating eye-catching local commercials using local talent.

Saturday August 27th

Doctor Who‘ (9pm on BBC America) **Season Premiere** Record Now

Watch as the TARDIS crash lands in 1930s Berlin, and the Doctor comes face-to-face with Hitler for the first time.

Pit Boss‘ (10pm on Animal Planet) **Season Finale** Record Now

Shorty Rossi is no longer just fulfilling his lifelong dream of rescuing the “underdogs” of the canine world and running Shortywood, Inc., a talent management company for little people. He also is helping others to achieve their dreams. Shorty might be a little man, but neither his name nor his height (nor demeanor) reflects the gigantic size of his heart.

Sunday August 27:

Jersey Shore‘ (7pm on MTV) **Special Night** Record Now

The hijinks continue in Italy as the Situation, Snooki and company air a special episode prior to the VMAs.

Leverage‘ (9pm on TNT) **Season Finale** Record Now

Sterling enlists the gifted grifters to pilfer a nuclear-reactor component from a skyscraper in Dubai during an international chess tournament. They must rise to the occasion – yet they might only be pawns in this intricate game.

Same Name‘ (9pm ET on CBS) **Season Finale** Record Now

The first season concludes with another celebrity switching places (and lives) with an everyday American of the same name.

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