Trump’s Newest Plan: Prime-time Soap Based in His Building

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Donald Trump has a plan to combine his real estate know-how with his more recent experience in the TV biz – by developing a prime-time soap that would take place at his glitzy Trump Tower building on Fifth Avenue in New York.

The sleek, glass Manhattan tower – located next-door to Tiffany – is already iconic after gaining fame as Trump’s New York headquarters on “The Apprentice.” On a typical day, tourists crowd the building’s Fifth Avenue entrance snapping pictures and hoping to get a glimpse of The Donald himself.

Indeed, the building does house the Trump Organization’s offices where Trump and his children spend most of their workdays. But it’s the portion of the building that’s not so well-known – the tower’s posh condos for the super-rich – that would be the focus of Trump’s new “Trump Tower” drama series, the New York Post reports.

Think of it as “Dynasty” – but based in a luxury New York apartment building. The residential entrance to the 68-story building is discreetly located around the corner on 56th Street. It’s where Trump himself lives, and where luminaries such as Steven Spielberg, Johnny Carson, Michael Jackson and Sophia Loren have all made their New York homes.

A lawyer for Trump says in the story that all the networks are vying for the show (though you’re forgiven if you’re thinking that’s a bit of an exaggeration). Of course, the media-savvy Trump is an executive producer, along with Mark Burnett of “The Apprentice,” so anything is possible.

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