Watch: Stephen Colbert Mocks Anderson Cooper’s Giggle Fit

The Colbert Report (Comedy Central)

The Colbert Report (Comedy Central)

Stephen Colbert has found rival Anderson Cooper’s kryptonite: celebrity poop puns. On Thursday’s “Report,” Colbert showed a clip of Cooper’s recent giggle fit caused by a joke about claims Gerard Depardieu urinated in the aisle of a plane. The “AC360” host lost it after saying cleanup crews were lucky it wasn’t a “De-part-two.” With that in mind, Colbert set forth on a mission to keep the normally straight-faced Cooper laughing. “If De-part-two tickled your funny bone, I’m about to slit your joke-u-lar vein,” he said. Some of his suggestions? Hosni Poo-barek, Camilla Parker-Bowels, Dr. Sanjay Poop-ta, and LL Stool J. Saving the best zinger for last, Colbert concluded, “Anyway, that was very unprofessional, Anderson Pooper.”

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