Will Susan Lucci Follow ‘All My Children’ Online?

Prospect Park Making Offers to All My Children Actors

Production company Prospect Park is now negotiating deals to the cast of “All My Children” to continue with the soap when it moves on-line. Walt Willey who plays Jackson, told Soap Opera Digest that the company presented an initial proposal to the cast on Tuesday night. He did not make it clear whether actors were offered individual contracts, or if it was a general deal outlining what the minimum pay scale and work schedule would be for everyone who opts to remain with the show when it moves to the internet.

Will AMC’s biggest star Susan Lucci stay with the show?  The persistent rumor that she will be a part of the final season of “Desperate Housewives” can finally be denied. DH creator Marc Cherry told Soaps in Depth, “I just had lunch with Susan Lucci, and I don’t know that she’ll be on DESPERATE, but hopefully maybe something in the future.” That may make taking Erica Kane on-line more appealing. Deadline reports that Susan Lucci has been offered a deal on par with what she was making at AMC, and is currently giving it serious consideration.

One Life to Live Continues Its Stunning Ratings Surge

Is it too soon to proclaim “One Life to Live” Executive Producer Frank Valentini the new Gloria Monty? The former “General Hospital” Executive Producer famously saved the show from cancellation with the saga of Luke and Laura. Now, with it now seeming more and more probable that OLTL will indeed move to the internet almost immediately after it concludes its run on ABC in January 2012, it looks like Valentini may have pulled off the same feat — and quite possibly managed to help save “All My Children ” as well, since the show were sold as a package. The week of August 7th, the show tied “The Bold & the Beautiful” to become the number two show in Households (2.1/6), tied with “The Bold & the Beautiful.”  The last time OLTL scored a 2.1 was the week of December 15, 2008. Other executive producers take note: yes, it is possible for a soap’s ratings to rise in 2011. It just takes one whacked out yet emotionally satisfying story that gets viewers eager to watch every single day.

OLTL was also the number one show among Women 18-34, tied with GH.  Both shows averaged 0.7/4/ The canceled soap, along with GH beat daytime’s top rated soap “The Young & the Restless” among young women, the first time that any show has matched or beat Y&R in any demographic since the week of Sonny and Brenda’s wedding on GH. It’s the first time OLTL has been number one in any demographic in years. This could go down in television history as one of the most unjustifiably canceled shows of all time. When Prospect Park pitches the show to cable networks, they will be able to offer them a show that is growing in every demographic. That seems like something that a lot of networks would consider buying. I would like to think there is at least a little bit of second guessing going on at ABC right now.

That said, objectively every soap on the air is still doing terribly among young women. A 1.0 rating would mean a whopping 1% of Women 18-34 in the United States were watching the show.

The Most Convoluted — Yet Awesome — Story Ever Told

The truth is finally out there — the reference to “The X Files” intentional. As 99.9% of “One Life to Live” viewers had figured out, the Todd that is played by Roger Howarth is the real McCoy. The Todd played by Trevor St. John is actually his long lost, mentally impaired twin Victor that was brainwashed into believing he was Todd by his crazy ex-CIA agent mother, then given plastic surgery to look like Walker Lawrence because it would allegedly protect him from being killed by Mitch Lawrence, then unleashed on Llanview to persuade everyone that he is Todd so that he could claim his share of Victor Lord’s fortune. This was revealed over the course of two days of dialogue and flashbacks so campy that they might as well have been on “Passions.”

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/One-Life-to-Live/97348/2097880963/Wed%2C-Aug-17%2C-2011/embed?skipTo=14′ 580 476]

I both laughed and cringed. After months of build up, and unprecedented ratings growth, this is what the show came up with? Upon reflection, it was bound to be ridiculous, both because the concept of one man impersonating another man for eight years is inherently preposterous and because the show did its best to make its massive ret-con fit in with everything that has happened in its history that proved the man now known as Victor was Todd. That included a DNA test that proved Victor was Dani’s father, Victor flashing back to memories of Todd when he thought he was about to be executed, Walker Lawrence actually existing and looking exactly like him, Victor’s obsession with Marty, and Victor’s continuing attraction to Todd and Blair. I appreciated the effort to pay some attention to  the show’s canon, even if it came at the expense of any plausibility whatsoever.

Irene was quickly hustled off to prison/secret CIA debriefing without explaining why she ordered one of her son’s to be tortured because he did not know where “it” was. Perhaps the mysterious it will be revealed over the next few weeks. Perhaps “it” will be dropped due to the storyline allegedly being rewritten numerous times when the show was canceled then resurrected.

But Thursday, with the essential exposition completed, the storyline returned to what has made it so compelling: the emotional fall out. I empathized with Victor, who just learned that his whole life was a lie. While he has done many disgusting things over the years, he really is a victim in this scenario. I understood why he told Tea (Florencia Lozano) and Dani (Kelley Missal) that he was Todd because he could not handle losing not only his identity but his family. I wish that St. John were staying with the show. There is so much story to be told about Victor who is still, after all, Viki and Todd’s brother and an heir to the Lord fortune. I hope he can be persuaded to come back when the show moves to the internet.

The scenes where Todd reconnected with Starr and met his grand daughter were the sweetest Disney product placement ever, as Todd and Hope played with “Beauty & the Beast” action figures, and he used the classic fairytale to tell her about himself. It was a subtle callback to the early days of Todd and Blair’s (Kassie DePaiva) romance, which had elements of that fairytale. Todd even had a couple action figures of his own back in the 1990s, that were given to him as gifts by the only people in town who did not despise him, young C.J. and Sarah. This is a story that could only be told on daytime, and I hope that it will get to be told for years to come.

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