‘Entourage’ Recap: Eric Murphy Gets Caught in a Web

Kevin Connolly as Eric Murphy on "Entourage" (Photo: HBO)

Who doesn’t love an old Rolling Stones song?

Sunday’s “Entourage” episode ended with one – an obscure one from 1965 called “The Spider and the Fly” – which was oh-so appropriate for at least one storyline which had just happened. That would be Melinda Clarke (guest-starring as herself) ensnaring Eric Murphy (Kevin Connolly) in her scheme to get back at her ex-husband Terrance (Malcolm McDowell), father of Eric’s ex-, Sloan, who E still pines for.

Despite that – and also ignoring the fact that Clarke is about to become a client of his management company – E gets drunk with her and sleeps with her, which was apparently her plan all along. Watching this happen, we couldn’t help but come to the sad conclusion that Eric’s a tool.

What else happened in the episode – the fifth in this HBO show’s eight-episode final season?

Ari’s getting divorced: This outcome for his marriage to Mrs. Ari (Perrey Reeves) seems inescapable now that she’s informed him she’s hired a lawyer. Once again, Ari (Jeremy Piven) put business over his family when meetings prevented him from taking his kids to Disneyland, a pattern of behavior over the years that has Mrs. Ari very upset, even though, if it weren’t for his hard work and sacrifice, she wouldn’t have the lifestyle he earned for her. Truth is, we have no sympathy for her at all. Her kids have a dad who works hard for them – and now she’s divorcing him. Lame.

Vince charms a reporter: The easy-going movie star (Adrian Grenier) first blew an interview with a Vanity Fair reporter by hitting on her. He then begged a second chance and gave her the candid interview she wanted. And he couldn’t resist asking her out again anyway. She declined – for now.

The Dice Man stayeth away: Andrew Dice Clay continued to hold out for more money for the animated series in which he and Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon) co-star as cartoon primates. We have to recognize the work in this storyline of guest-star Jamie Kennedy, playing Dice’s substitute on the cartoon and doing a less-than-stellar impersonation of Dice. Kennedy’s interactions with Drama are just priceless.

“Entourage” airs Sunday nights at 10:30/9:30c on HBO.

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