‘General Hospital’s’ Steve Burton is Every Woman’s Fantasy

This is a bad week for “General Hospital’s” Jason Morgan. The stoic, sexy hit man has just learned that he needs to have risky surgery to remove a foreign object that is embedded in his brain. However, it’s a great week for Jason Morgan fans. During the show’s August 26th and 29th episodes, the numerous women who love and care about Jason will fantasize about the lives they would like to have with him. Viewers will get to see Jason like they have never seen him before. Steve Burton spoke about the four imaginary versions of Jason, the soap’s new headwriter, and James Franco’s upcoming return to “General Hospital.”

How do each of the women who fantasize about Jason imagine him?
It’s a “what if” episode. It’s from their point of view:  Elizabeth (Becky Herbst), Carly (Laura Wright), Monica (Leslie Charleson) and Sam (Kelly Monaco). Sam’s isn’t so much how she wants me to be. It’s how we were together when we were our happiest. Monica’s is he’s a doctor – how his life would have been and how the Quartermaines lives would have been. It was cool doing that because I got to see all the Quartermaines. Stuart Damon came back for the day [to play Alan] and it was really great to have him back. Carly, her fantasy is what if we were together? What if we could run the mob together? So that was fun to do. In Elizabeth’s, I play an architect. It’s a what-if episode, and it doesn’t always turn out how people want. You can’t really change people. We’ll see how it plays out.

Would you be interested in playing Jason Morgan who woke up remembering his years as Jason Quartermaine?
That would definitely be interesting, because obviously Jason has his own memories with the Quartermaines now, new memories, so that would be an interesting twist.

Which alternate version of Jason would you most enjoy playing for an extended period of time?
It was fun playing Jason Quartermaine the doctor. I think I might actually like to do that for a while… but I don’t think they’re going to actually go that direction permanently. So I’ll stick with the boots and the black t-shirt.

The Liz and Jason fans are still holding out hope that they will reunite someday. Could the Liz and Jason fantasy be a little bit of foreshadowing?
I don’t know. Twitter obviously went crazy when everyone thought these were Jason’s fantasies, instead of the four girls’ fantasies. Right now Sam and Jason are getting married so I don’t know what direction it’s ultimately going to go, but I definitely thought it was a cool “what if” episode. It was great to work with Becky. We had fun for the day.

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Why do you think so many people are still invested in Jason and Liz’s relationship?
Becky and I are friends. We have good chemistry. We work together well. I think it’s the story that was never finished. I think that’s what people want to see, a beginning, middle and end. We were ended without the middle part. We had a kid together, so there’s always that connection. But I think it’s really that the story was never played out.

You mentioned Stuart Damon. So many soap characters have come back from the dead recently. Is there any chance Skye went to Dr. David Hayward of All My Children and got him to resurrect Alan through the Orpheus project?
I don’t know. I’d love for Stuart to come back. He was always a big fan of mine. The Quartermaines are such great history for me on that show. It was really nostalgic being back in that Quartermaine den with all of them again.

Whatever the outcome, will Jason’s health problems pave the way for him to interact more with the Quartermaines? Monica and Edward have been on the show a lot more recently.
I think that’s [headwriter] Garin Wolf’s idea to have me work with them again. Michael’s (Chad Duell) working with the Quartermaines. They’re trying to get us back together to cross paths more.

Do you like the changes Garin Wolf is making to the show?
It’s good. I am always very thankful to [former headwriter] Bob Guza for what he’s done for my character. If he hadn’t changed my character, I don’t know how long I’d have been on “General Hospital.” But with that said, Garin’s a great writer. He’s taking the show in a different direction and spreading things out to other characters and intertwining stories, which is great. Everybody’s pretty happy and the show’s heading in the right direction. We’ll see if we can get those numbers back up.

James Franco is coming back to the show. Have you filmed any scenes with him yet?
Franco is back. James was generous enough to take time out of his shooting schedule. He’s shooting a movie right now in Michigan and he came in for the day to shoot some more scenes with us. Garin wants to involve him more and make  him more of an impending threat, the outside threat for us as a couple. It was great to see [James].

How will Franco interfere in Sam and Jason’s wedding?
He watches our wedding. Let’s put it that way. It’s pretty interesting the way they’re tying it in. With Franco, there’s always going to be surprises, so it’s cool.

Whatever happens, Jason is going to wake up to a world where Carly hates Sonny, for tampering with Jax’s plane. Can’t Sonny take care of himself for a few days without Jason?
Can’t Sonny give Jason a break to be in a coma for five minutes? I wake up to a complete disaster. Sam gets pretty angry at everybody for throwing all their stuff on me when I’m trying to recuperate. So there’s a lot of good drama going on right now.

How will Sonny’s downward spiral impact his relationship with Jason and his leadership of the mob?
There’s definitely friction between Sonny (Maurce Benard) and Jason when he wakes up because Sonny’s still going through a breakdown. He’s in a dark space right now and he’s not thinking too clearly so we’ll see how that plays out.

The hospital is the center of the action again. While Jason’s unconscious, Anthony’s running a drug ring out of the hospital. Will Jason become involved?
I think Anthony’s trying to do something to me while I’m in the hospital. Bruce Weitz is an awesome actor, so Anthony Zacarra on the canvas is great.

Is Jason ever going to find the engagement ring he bought for Sam that Maxie dropped?
I don’t think so. I think somebody loses it again, believe it or not. The whole ring thing does play out in the rings that we give each other [at the wedding]. There’s a lot of history in the rings. It’s a great little touch.

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