Danielle Staub’s Criminal Past Set to Be a New TV Series?

Danielle Staub (Photo: Getty Images)

Danielle Staub (Photo: Getty Images)

You can’t keep a badass Staubgoblin down. Former “Real Housewives of New Jersey” Danielle Staub is used to being the outcast both in her reality TV pursuits and in life, but this time, it looks like she’s possibly found her big break: Her criminal past, which was detailed in the out-of-print book, “Cop Without a Badge,” is set to become a major TV series.

The New York Post reports that Sony Pictures will be shopping the show around to networks for next year’s fall lineup but will most likely be picked up by NBC, considering it already owns the “Real Housewives” franchise.

For anyone who’s familiar with the Jersey Housewives, “Cop Without a Badge” was a major controversy in Season 1, as it revealed Danielle Staub’s sordid life as a stripper, drug dealer, and former girlfriend to con-man-turned-undercover informant Kevin Maher. Because of the unsavory revelations, the rest of the Housewives disassociated themselves with the 47-year-old tough gal. Deemed as a villain, Danielle eventually left the show and has pursued other reality projects, although lately, she’s been making headlines for admitting to having suicidal tendencies.

The TV series will be written by former “Law and Order” TV writer David Black and “Cosby Mysteries” author Charles Kipps.

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