Interview: Vienna Denies She and Kasey Are Getting Their Own Reality Show

Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Vienna Girardi doesn’t understand why some of you dislike her. But she does understand that she’s part of the emotional trine of dysfunction—along with ex Jake Pavelka and new man Kasey Kahl—that has catapulted “Bachelor Pad” to one of the must-see shows on Monday nights.

As for those reports swirling around that she and her singing sensation of her boyfriend are getting their own reality show, Vienna claims they’re just rumors but says she’d be open to the idea if the right opportunity presented itself.

“We’re not against it—we don’t want to do it for the rest of our lives, but we’re not gonna sit back and be one of those people who want to be on a reality show and do 10 of them,” she told us in an interview Tuesday. “We’re not gonna be that person. We’ll leave that person nameless, of course.” Ouch.

Watch Jake’s “Bachelor Pad” Elimination:

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Amid couch shopping with Kasey, Vienna took some time out to give us the rundown on what life was really like at the “Pad,” where she’s at with Jake, and why she thinks you haters are kinda being ridiculous.

Has anything shocked you so far from watching “Bachelor Pad”?
A lot. It’s really surprising to see how differently the show is compared to how we lived it. You’re being portrayed in a different light than how you really felt. It’s entertaining TV, I can say that…it’s fun, we had a blast, but the drama and how heightened everything is on the show is so much more intense as a viewer.

What happened at the very end when Kasey got the final immunity rose? Why did they abruptly end the show?
They’re trying to save Jake and keep him on as long as they possibly can. When he finally gets eliminated, they postpone a rose ceremony for the first time in “Bachelor” history, and they’re waiting for next week to show it—so ratings is my guess.

As for Jake, it seems like he found the closure he needed to move on. Some people think he ended up looking like the good guy, while you and Kasey look like the villains.
Kasey and I aren’t the villains. I had closure a long time ago. I moved on in my life; I found a great guy. I go on the show, and all of a sudden, Jake wants closure. I spoke to him, we apologized, we forgave each other, and that was the end. For me throughout the “Bachelor Pad,” I just wanted to enjoy myself, play the competition, and win the money, and he just kept trying to talk to me. I moved on with that chapter of my life, but I guess people took that as being mean. I wasn’t being mean. It’s just that you don’t want to be speaking with your ex and living with him.

What is your relationship like now with Kasey? What about with Jake?
Kasey and I our doing great. We just moved into a new apartment. We don’t speak to Jake, but we wish him the best. The past is the past, and we’ve forgiven each other.

Erica surprisingly emerged as a central player who tried to break your team apart. What did you think of her strategy—and the fact she made out with Jake?
She kinda stole Holly’s strategy (by flirting with all the boys). Erica was the only person without a partner. Jake is a strong competitor. She was just doing it for the game. She needed a fight.

How did you feel when ABC aired you stripping down and getting lusty with Kasey?
I was wearing a bikini. I wasn’t naked. We were making noises and being goofy. My opinion on that personally: ABC is owned by Disney. Whether it happened or not in the house, it shouldn’t be shown on an ABC show—this is not HBO. For them to even show it, I personally thought it was inappropriate…I have an 11-year-old sister, and it really pissed me off.

Do you think you’d ever go back to ABC reality TV again?
I wouldn’t go back to the “Bachelor” franchise.

There’s a been a lot of Vienna backlash out there, as you probably already know. Why do you think you’re so polarizing to people?
I don’t really know why they have so much hatred towards me. I haven’t done anything mean. It’s a reality show—we’re not killing people, we’re not hurting anybody! It’s just a reality show! Yeah, there’s drama, there’s crying, and there are fights, but there’s nothing to cause hatred towards anybody. I just think people misinterpret and overreact.

For more misinterpretations and overreactions, check out ABC’s “Bachelor Pad” on Monday nights at 8/7c.

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