Sarah Michelle Gellar Channeling ‘Buffy’ in ‘All My Children’ Cameo?

Eva La Rue and Sarah Michelle Gellar

Eva LaRue and Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar  Will Attempt to Slay Pine Valley’s Vampires

Who is “Ringer” star Sarah Michelle Gellar, the first actress to play Kendall on “All My Children“, going to play when she makes a cameo on the soap in September? Her scenes will be a tribute to her most famous role, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” according to “CSI: Miami’sEva LaRue. LaRue, who is reprising her role of Maria, tweeted a photo (above) of the two of them together, writing that the two of them were about to film a “cheesy” scene. She later elaborated, “Sarah was playing a psych patient who thought everyone was a Vampire, and I, her Dr.!!” As a hardcore Buffy fan, I think this is hilarious and awesome. As cheesy scenes go, it is Brie, not Velveeta. Hmmm… David’s (Vincent Irizarry) been vague about Project Orpheus, his mysterious medical process that has saved the lives of many presumed dead residents of Pine Valley. Perhaps he has turned them all into vampires.

“One Life to Live” Experiences Major Technical Difficulties on the East Coast

Viewers who live in the Eastern Time Zone who tuned in to see the wonderful Dorian and Viki farewell scenes on Thursday’s episode of “One Life to Live” were treated to an unexpected, unplanned rerun. The episode began as scheduled but after a commercial break, about ten minutes of Wednesday’s episode aired by mistake. Then after another commercial break, Thursday’s episode was back — minus the ten minutes that were inadvertently pre-empted. Confused fans vented their frustrations on Twitter. “Did we just time travel?” wondered Drama TweetBrad. “This is bizarre. I mean, has this ever happened in the history of TV?” pondered WUBS Net. Others were angry. “Nice way to honor the exit of a long time, well loved actress, ABC! Haven’t you screwed Robin Strasser over enough already?” said Kelly Koop.  Thursday’s episode aired in its entirety on the West Coast. Technical glitches happen, but this one was particularly unfortunately timed. If you were one of the people who got a Wednesday-Thursday mash-up, watch the full episode here on xfinitytv.

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Ms. Cramer Lord Vickers Goes to Washington

Robin Strasser’s Dorian Lord is one of my all time favorite soap characters. I cannot believe that Llanview’s grand Diva will not be a part of the “One Life to Live’s” final months on ABC. (Strasser requested that she be written off so she could have back surgery which would require a lengthy recuperation. Then it turned out she did not need the surgery, but it was too late to alter the storyline.) The show opted to give her a happily-ever-after send off that will make it easy to write Dorian back in to the show when it moves to the internet. Dorian is now Pennsylvania’s new interim senator. Why not? She has political experience as both Llanview’s mayor and the Ambassador to Mendorra.

Though it was not much of an exit storyline, the show acknowledged the importance of Dorian by devoting the bulk of Wednesday and Thursday’s episodes to her farewell. OLTL took a break from the Tale of Two Todds for sweet, sentimental scenes that were both a tribute to Strasser and to the show’s long time fans. Wednesday,all of the Cramer women, including the rarely seen Addie, said goodbye to their matriarch with a surprise party featuring a cake with Dorian’s portrait on it. Would it be weird if I ordered one of those for my birthday? It was obvious that Kassie DePaiva (Blair), Gina Tognoni (Kelly) and Kristen Alderson (Starr) love Strasser. Many lines seemed ad-libbed. The tears seemed real. I think they are going to miss their Aunt Dorian as much as I will.

Thursday, OLTL acknowledged that Dorian and Viki are Llanview’s true supercouple. Their love-hate relationship has been at the heart of the show for decades. So it was only natural that when Dorian said good-bye to the woman that all of the other characters acknowledged is the most important person in her life, they argued, got locked in a room together (again!), then ultimately admitted how much they care about each other.  At one point, Viki hilariously wondered if they were frenemies. Actually, they are the opposite of that. No matter how often they profess to hate each other, when the chips are down they always have each other’s back. Viki summed it up, “You know, Dorian, you are my friend. And in a very odd way, I love you. And I’m truly sorry if I’ve caused you pain.” Dorian’s retort was perfect: “I hate you. I hate that you just said that. I wanted to be the bigger person.”

Best of all, there was an epic montage showcasing decades of fighting, tears, and hairstyles. The editor who put this together deserves an Emmy.

[iframe′ 580 476]

Viki without Dorian is like yin without yang. I hope that she gets voted out of office in November and returns to Llanview, where she belongs.

All My Children Marathon

“All My Children” fans, set your DVRs. This weekend SoapNET is helping fans say goodbye to the longrunning soap — at least in its current state — with a marathon of classic episodes. For once, SoapNET’s definition of classic episodes is the same as mine. Saturday from 7PM to midnight it’s “I Love Lucci” featuring four Erica Kane-heavy episodes. Sunday from 5PM to midnight it’s “Last Chance for Romance,” showcasing AMC’s greatest couples. There are episodes from the 1970s and 1980s, including Tom’s epic freak out when he learned that Erica was on the pill (1979, Saturday 7PM), and Cliff and Nina’s wedding (1980, Sunday 5PM) and Jenny and Greg’s wedding (1984, Sunday 6PM). If the recent flashbacks of Ryan and Gillian and Leo and Greenlee and  have you feeling nostalgic, their weddings are airing Sunday from 8 to 10PM. The entire schedule is available here.

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