‘Breaking Bad’ Preview: Walt Would Like to Buy the World A Coke

Breaking Bad (AMC)

Breaking Bad (AMC)

This week on “Breaking Bad,” Skyler (Anna Gunn) becomes the only wife who has ever complained that her husband is making too much money. It’s not that she wants to go back to the days when Walt (Bryan Cranston) was a school teacher who needed to moonlight in order to pay the bills. It’s that she has to figure out a way to launder all of his drug money.  In this scene from Sunday’s episode, “Problem Dog,” Walter breaks the news that he is a millionaire seven times over. Skyler realizes that there is no way she’s going to be able to be able to pass off all that money as profits from the car wash that they purchased. Perhaps she should have bought a website or a hedge fund. Nobody understands how they work.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Breaking-Bad/96341/2107084650/Problem-Dog%3A-Sneak-Peek/embed 580 476]

Note that this this clip features a very special guest star: Coca Cola, in regular, Diet and Coke Zero form. The camera lingers on the cases of it that Walter is using to hide stacks of cash. Coke also made a cameo last week, when Walt used the first dollar that was ever earned at the car wash to buy a can of the cola from the car wash’s vending machine. The question is: did Coca Cola pay for this product placement? Does it want to be known as the beverage of choice for meth manufacturers? Is the company hoping that “Breaking Bad’s” allegedly upscale, educated viewers associate Coke Zero with their favorite show? Is this part of a stealth campaign to market cases of Coca-Cola as an alternative to a bank account? Or are Coca Cola’s public relations executives going to blow a gasket when they see this episode?

In non-beverage related storylines, according to AMC’s website, “A frustrated Walt gambles on a risky new plan.” That is the vaguest description ever, which probably means that Walt is going to do something shocking and cool that the network does not want to spoil. Also, “Hank recruits Walter, Jr. for an unusual outing.” Perhaps as Hank (Dean Norris) attempts to regain his mobility, he’ll finally do the obvious and reach out to his nephew who has been using crutches for his entire life.

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