‘Entourage’ Recap: Still Hard to Guess How It Will End

Johnny Galecki guest-starred on "Entourage" (Photo; Getty Images)

For a show that is now only two episodes away from ending its run, “Entourage” doesn’t seem all that close to wrapping up its various storylines.

Nor is there any way of detecting from the show’s six episodes seen so far in this eight-episode final season whether producer Doug Ellin and his team intend to end their show two episodes from now in any special way. These options would include: A surprise, such as all four of the principal characters waking up in Queens after having some sort of a dream (not a likely scenario); something sentimental, such as the four pals realizing it’s time to mature; or just wrapping up each of their stories.

None of these possibilities seemed to be taking shape in the episode seen Sunday night, however. Here’s what interested us the most about the episode, which was titled “The Big Bang” in honor of guest-star Johnny Galecki (playing himself), star of “The Big Bang Theory” on CBS:

Her name is Melissa: That would be Mrs. Ari (Perrey Reeves), whose real name had been kept under wraps for nearly eight seasons until her new flame, Bobby Flay, uttered it when the couple were confronted by Ari (Jeremy Piven). It’s irrelevant trivia that added nothing to the plot, although we did learn during the Bobby Flay sequence that she hasn’t slept with him yet. And that means the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Ari could be saved.

The magic of Les Moonves: The charismatic CEO of CBS has been mentioned time and time again this season because he has the power to decide for or against Johnny Drama’s animated series and his proposed TV movie. But to date, Moonves has not appeared on “Entourage” in the flesh.

Turtle’s efforts to manage his wide-eyed visitors from Queens: In a way, the DeLucas — the New York restaurant owners who Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) wants to open a restaurant in L.A. — were like the “Entourage” boys when they first got to Hollywood, constantly on the lookout for celebrities and even getting excited to see a B-lister like David Spade. Turtle’s experience with the DeLucas served to underscore how much Turtle and his friends had grown since they themselves migrated to the West Coast.

And now, there are only two more episodes to go, starting with next Sunday’s episode titled, appropriately, “Second to Last.”

“Entourage” airs Sunday nights at 10:30/9:30c on HBO.

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