‘True Blood’ Recap: Eric’s Back in Black

Alexander Skarsgard on True Blood (HBO)

Alexander Skarsgard on True Blood (HBO)

Almost everything about last night’s episode of “True Blood” was fantastic. It was the first time this season that everything truly came together. There was one exception: what should have been a major plot point, the return of real, bad ass Eric, was given the short shrift. Yes, there was more screen time devoted to Andy than to the restoration of Eric’s memories. Yet, that flaw did not stop this from being a tense, exciting, suspenseful episode.

The festival of tolerance devolves into pandemonium. Eric (Alexander Skarsgard), under MarnAntonia’s (Fiona Shaw) spell, is determined to kill Bill (Stephen Moyer). Bill fires silver bullets at Eric, taking out a couple of red shirts. Sookie (Anna Paquin) begs Eric to fight the spell. When he is on the verge of killing Bill, the magic fairy light shoots out of her hands. It not only ends the spell –  it restores Eric’s memory. No more wimpy, Edward Cullen, Eric! Hooray! It also momentarily sucks Antonia out of Marnie. After Nan (Jessica Tuck) glamors all of the attendees into forgetting the carnage that they witnessed, Bill tells her that he intends to kill MarnAntonia.

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Eric tells Sookie that he remembers everything but has not changed. No, Eric, we want you to be the sexy, bad ass Viking again. Wimpy Eric was even worse than Spike on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” with a chip in his head. Sookie tells him that when he tried to kill Bill she realized she couldn’t bear the thought of a world without Bill in it. She loves him but she loves Bill too. She neglects to mention that last week she fantasized about a menage a trois with her two vampires. Eric possessively says she is his now. That’s more like it, Eric. That’s inexplicably all we get of their relationship this week.

Bill decides that he is willing to kill everyone who is trapped in the bookstore with MarnAntonia, including Tara (Rutina Wesley). He orders Sookie to stay away. Why does he think she will listen? At the bookstore Tara and Holly (Lauren Bowles) try to break Antonia’s spell that has trapped them in the store.  Antonia is back in control now. Sookie recruits Jesus to get Antonia to leave her body. Antonia separates from Marnie. She no longer wants any part of the war on vampires. She reveals she was a healer during the 1400s who never intended to kill. Marnie insists that the vampires and the humans who support them deserve to die. It turns out that Marnie wants to be possessed by Antonia so she will have the power to destroy vampires, not the other way around. She persuades Antonia to jump back into her body.

Jesus (Kevin Alejandro) can’t get into the bookstore because of the spell. MarnAntonia comes out to talk to him. She challenges him to break through the force wall, which he eventually does, momentarily turning into a creepy demon. Jesus gets Marnie to talk to him. She assures him she chose to be possessed by Antonia. Tara and Holly cast a spell that opens up the bookstore force field.  They run outside. Antonia catches them. Everyone but poor, ordinary Jason (Ryan Kwanten)  is sucked back into the bookstore. His lack of magic seems like it will enable him to save the day at some point this season.

Finally, Team Vampire steps out of a van in slow motion to an awesome remix of The Talking Heads’ “Burning Down the House.” They are all wearing black leather. Yes, Eric the Viking is back. They head for the bookstore. Next week, it’s going to get real!

In B and C story news, Jessica (Deborah Woll) assures Jason that there was nothing wrong with their pick up truck sex. A guilty Jason reminisces about Hoyt (Jim Parrack) walking with a cane in eighth grade because he was tall but had no muscle tone. Ha! Jason asks Jessica to glamor his memory for the sake of his bromance with Hoyt. She refuses. Jason is awkward and weird when Hoyt visits him. Hoyt cries about how much he misses Jessica then asks if he can stay with Jason for a while.

Alcide (Joe Maganiello) brings a bloody Tommy (Marshall Allman) to Sam (Sam Trammell). Tommy tells Sam he wants to die. The viewers have wanted you dead for two seasons, Tommy. He and Alcide wait with him. They tell him how wonderful heaven is. The shapeshifting community is apparently very spiritual. Sam tells Tommy that he will never forget him. A lot of viewers wish they could. After some gross gurgling, he finally dies. RIP, worst character in “True Blood” history. Sam vows revenge on Marcus for killing Tommy. So now there is a shapeshifter/werewolf war to parallel the vampire/witch war. They can’t find Marcus, so they beat up his henchman. Meanwhile, Debbie (Brit Morgan) and Marcus (Daniel Buran) smoke pot together. She complains that Alcide doesn’t talk to her anymore and doesn’t want kids. Marcus is ready to be her Baby Daddy. Alcide versus a guy who looks like he hasn’t taken a shower in a decade? Debbie is insane.

Terry (Todd Lowe) busts Andy (Chris Bauer) for being on V. He takes Andy to their childhood tree house for an intervention. Andy insists V makes him stronger and better. He pulls out a cache of weapons. Andy fails at target shooting. They argue about childhood issues, which is apparently far more important to the show than Eric getting his memory back. Andy goes through withdrawal.  Terry tells him to walk home, which seems like it will be significant for next week.


I don’t care what happens as long as I get to kil s—! – Jessica’s take on the vampire/witch war.

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